Can you guess Limitless Fitness’ 6 core values?

Our lives are guided by our values, did you know that? Whether we do it on purpose or not, everything in our lives at this moment reflects our choices, which reflect our values. Sometimes this shows up in big ways; who you marry, what you do for a living, how you parent, and sometimes little; whether you shop at big chain giants or local mom and pop stores, or how you spend your spare time. Recently Tony and I were challenged by the always amazing Bethany to define the core values of Limitless Fitness, and I’m so glad! There’s so much involved in keeping things exciting and challenging from a workout and training perspective that we can easily get caught up in the day to day, so this was a great refresher for us on why we have chosen Limitless Fitness as our way of contributing. These values are the cornerstone of what we believe and why we do what we do. I think it’s important whenever possible to know the values of the places where we choose to invest our time and money. While we obviously don’t require people to know or even adopt our values, we’ve found over the years that these values, stated or not, call out to people who are looking for this in their lives and also help people choose differently who aren’t.

Our Values: You ARE Limitless!

Our first value is our stated belief that you ARE limitless! Maybe it’s obvious in the name of our gym, but Tony and I are both guided throughout our lives by the conviction that the only limits that exist are the ones in our minds. We have seen miraculous transformation in our lives and in our clients’ lives that prove this time and again. You perform to the extent you believe you can – in any area. For clients who are just getting started, or who have maybe spent their whole lives thinking they aren’t the exercise type, or that they’re just made to be overweight and unhealthy, the truth that they are limitless is life changing. Once they understand that they can choose to believe differently, and start to do so, everything changes. And it’s freaking amazing!

Our Values: Real People, Real Bodies

Real People, Real Bodies, is a big deal to us. This was brought home by one of our clients who had been so traumatized by societal shaming that she could barely stand to look in the mirror while working out. We realized that if we’re really going to be positive influences, we had to do whatever we could to help our clients understand that we wouldn’t support them to be anything other than their best version of themselves. Sometimes that needs to sink in, but every body is unique with its own shape and size. The number one secret the diet industry doesn’t want you to know? You already HAVE a beach body! Now let’s get it strong and healthy. We want our clients to feel confident about their own kickassiness, not simply their ability to take up less space in a room, you know?

Our Values: Progress, not perfection

The next value is that of progress over perfection. 100% of our clients are human beings which means that 0% are perfect! People let a cheat meal extend to a cheat week, hit the snooze button too much, or just get consumed by life for a season. We get it and have found that the best way to get back on track is to just keep going. Instead of fixed mindset thinking that failing means you’re a failure, we encourage our Limitless family to embrace a growth mindset. Failure is part of learning. Keep going. Learn from a slip, and don’t give up. Celebrate the small steps and the milestones of progress and you’ll be light years ahead of your only competition (yesterday you).

Our Values: Community

Community is another big value for us. There’s a reason why we offer fitness classes and not just personal training. The community and accountability that develops between members is more powerful than anything we could do on our own. A lot of people just getting started are a little nervous about classes. They worry they won’t know what to do, or that other people will look at them funny. This could be based on previous experience, or just a fear. We don’t allow this, plain and simple. If you’re mean to our family, you don’t get to come. And if you’re new,  there are great people who love to show you the ropes, and modifications you can do until you’re stronger. Knowing that there are people who will miss you if you don’t show up to class is a cool feeling.

Our Values: Safe place to start

This feeds into our next value, that we are a safe place to start. I’ve talked to so many clients who tell me about their experiences walking into a new gym and feeling like a fish out of water. I’ve experienced it myself! Being the newcomer is scary enough, and we honor the courage it takes you just to take the step of calling us. Trust us, we get it.

Our Values: Keeping it clean

If you’re looking for an edgy, raunchy place where you can meet some great singles then we are going to sorely disappoint you. If, on the other hand, you just want to get a workout it, wear your comfies, and know that no one’s going to be asking for your number, you’ll probably enjoy it. We do our best to keep things G-rated (although an occasional curse has been directed at Tony during particularly brutal burpee beatdowns), and with Tony’s questionable music taste we can’t always vouch for the playlist, but we do our best to keep it clean and inoffensive.

So, that’s us. That’s our values. The nice thing about being privately-owned is we get to shape our business around our values, and we get to choose other local businesses with great customer service. Here’s a pdf of our values. If you have questions, please reach out! You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, through our site or just call! If you’ve never worked out with us, don’t forget you’re invited for 2 free workouts. Click here to sign up.

And by the way…if you want to see our crazy team in action, Trainers Tony and Stephan will be leading 3 other brave Limitless members on a parachute jump Saturday August 4th at Harvey Field in Snohomish between 10 and 10:30. Come out and witness the insanity! We’ll be there. Safely on the ground.

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