Early morning workouts: 3 reasons why they rock

Early morning workouts: You either love them or hate them, right? If you already love working out first thing in the morning, congratulations – you are on the right track! You can keep reading just to find out just how awesome you are. You haters, on the other hand, may not be as excited. It’s common for us to hear clients explain that it’s too hard to get up early in the morning to work out. We get it; really, we do. But let us try to convince you to give early morning exercising a try. There are a lot of benefits – especially after you hit 30!

Metabolic Advantage

I don’t care who you are or what kind of shape you’re in, Mother Nature wants to take you down, and she’ll attack you right in the metabolism. Some of us experience the turtle-fication of our metabolisms in our early thirties, and some us not until later, but sooner or later, your body just won’t burn calories like it used to. The antidote is increasing your lean muscle, of course, but you can also help your body torch calories more effectively by getting your heart rate up with some high intensity exercise. When you do this in the early morning, you will keep the burn going throughout the day. Exercising later in the day, or before bed,  means your burn will get truncated when you go to bed and might even make it difficult to get that much needed sleep.

Peak Performance

Studies into peak performance have proven that structure and routines are the bedrock of performance. Imagine that you have a container of willpower and decision-making energy to use every day. Whenever you employ willpower or make a decision, you are taking out of that container. The more will power you use, or the harder the decision, the more your container empties.  This is why most of us fall off our healthy eating wagons at the end of the day – we’ve simply used up our willpower. You’ll probably agree that if you’ve had a lot of stress, or a lot of mental taxation during the day, you feel tapped out or more prone to binge eating. This is not because you’re weak or can’t handle stress, it’s simple neuroscience! I know for me personally, if I’ve had a busy day AND the kids are fighting AND I have had to make a lot of decisions throughout the day, by 7:00 pm I’m done.  I tell Tony not to ask me a single thing because I can’t think. Then I eat all the sugar. You know?

What this means as far as early morning workouts are concerned is that you can’t afford to waste willpower deciding if or when you’re going to work out. By dedicating an early morning hour to working out, and diligently sticking to it, you will free up energy and resources to building muscle and shedding fat. By the way, this is also why workout classes are so great – you don’t need to worry about what you do once you get to the gym!

Just Life

We all know the best workout is the one you actually do. It seems to be universally true that afternoon workouts are rescheduled workouts. Kids, work, appointments, sick dogs…whatever the life situation is, rest assured it can and will derail your afternoon workout. Getting it over with before all the other disruptions are awake yet is the key to success!

Not a morning person?

Some of you reading this will be agreeing wholeheartedly, and others will be yabbits. “Yeah, but that won’t work for me.” Just to let you in on a little secret, you don’t HAVE to be a morning person to start early morning workouts. I am a morning person, and can wake up at virtually any hour alert and chipper, so it’s admittedly easier for me.  But would you believe that Tony is NOT a morning person? He, like two of our other kids naturally gravitates to late nights and late mornings. So in his case he’s readjusted his sleep schedule to prioritize fitness. It can be done. Of course, sleep is a critical component of good health.  If and when you do decide to start early morning workouts, you need to go to bed earlier so that you stay healthy.

So to conclude, these are the three main reasons why we have built our fitness business, and our lives, around early morning workouts and will continue to do so. If you can’t fit in a morning workout, or you miss a day, remember to keep going. Any workout is better than no workout and persistence will get you results!  And for you lucky people who are able to make it to afternoon workouts, we’ve got your back too!

Please share the love, and if you’re in our neck of the woods click here to drop in for two free classes – early morning or otherwise. If you’re not in our neck of the woods, ask us about Limitless On the Go – your online solution for customized meals and workouts to help you become your best self. We also do corporate wellness! 

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