Learning THIS about nutrition changed my life! (Tony’s Story)

Nutrition Basics is Part Two of our Transformation Series. The information we’re providing is meant to help you change every aspect of your life. If you missed Part One, click hereYou can click here to access our Nutrition Basics guide that accompanies this article.

My name is Tony, and I’m the owner of Limitless Fitness. I have a reputation for being kind of crazy when it comes to physical stunts; I run marathons for fun, jump out of planes, and I’m looking forward to scaling Mount Rainier someday soon. But what a lot of people don’t know is that my life wasn’t always that way. Only fifteen years ago, my life looked very different than it does now.

I was one of eight kids, third generation Mexican-Americans which when I was growing up meant a lot of family gatherings and a lot of unhealthy food. I got married very young and supported my family as a construction manager for a company in Southern California, a job with long hours that required me to travel a lot. Although I’d spent eight years as a US Marine, after I got out my life consisted mostly of work and family time on the weekends. As I hit my mid-thirties, years of greasy food and beer-drinking started taking their toll. Although I’d always been a stocky guy, I started carrying extra fat. More concerning was my cholesterol numbers. Diabetes runs rampant through both sides of my family due to genetics and lifestyle, so that was a concern as well. When I was 43, my wife of 25 years passed away suddenly and my world turned upside down. A future that I’d once been so sure of, growing old and retiring in the home I’d shared with my wife, was no longer an option, and after having been married for more than half my life, I was suddenly looking at a new reality.

I remember very clearly realizing that I had a choice. I could go down a path of self-pity and self-destruction, or I could choose a different path. I chose to pursue health and fitness. I started by giving up alcohol once and for all, and then by exercising. I’d worked out in the past, but I’d never really been passionate about improving my health before. Because of my family history, I wanted to change my diet so I wouldn’t have to be limited by diabetes or high cholesterol or other diet-induced health conditions, but I wasn’t sure how. I spent a lot of time researching nutrition and experimenting on myself learning what foods and what combinations did what to my body.

Eventually I was able to completely transform my body. In my late forties, I was able to burn calories like a teenager! Not only that, I figured out what I had to do to put on muscle, or lose fat. I learned how to eat based on what kind of exercise I was doing. Best of all, I learned how to do this cost-effectively, with all real food. During this transformation, I met my current wife, and we got married, had a daughter, and started our fitness business. This was a time of great change, with limited financial resources. I tell you this because this way of eating and working out is simple, cost effective, and efficient. My wife and I didn’t have the time, energy, or money to pour into expensive supplements, or difficult-to-prepare meals with weird food or time-consuming preparations. Not only that, we both love eating, and my wife loves baking. I knew that if I was going to develop a way of eating that I could live with, and that I could pass on to my clients, it had to be something that every day, average people could do and would want to do.

After more than ten years of research into nutrition, I’m really excited about the simple and effective  plan I’ve come up with. I’ve used what I’ve learned to bulk up for a bodybuilding contest (that I won), and I use the same nutrition principles to help my clients today reach their ideal body composition. My wife had a baby when she was 39, and twins when she was 42 and has used this nutritional guide to get back to her natural weight quickly and effortlessly. Today, in my fifties, most people think I’m much younger, and I’m able to do things physically today that I never could do in my thirties and forties.

Most of my clients are women and when they start at our gym most of them say they want to lose weight, which drives me crazy. I tell all my clients to throw away their scale. First of all, not everyone is built to be skinny. I tell my clients to gauge their progress on their performance, how they feel, and how their clothes fit them. A lot of my clients actually get heavier because of all the muscle they put on, but they drop inches and size, and they look and feel their best. What I’ve seen time and again in my clients is how eating and exercising properly helps them by helping them become comfortable in their own skin, and in love with their body for what it can do…some of them for the first time in their lives! When you know you’re eating and moving the way nature intended, you’re able to let go of the image that society and the media tells you you should be. Knowing they’re doing everything right for their body allows my clients to relax and accept themselves the way they are. Every body is unique,  and healthy is beautiful. The part of the transformation process that provides joy and peace of mind comes when you accept this.

The workouts are an important part of getting to this goal, but nutrition is even more important. This method of eating is I prescribe is incredibly easy and simple. There’s no counting calories, no fake food, no weird food (unless you like it) and you don’t eliminate any food groups. Any time you are introducing a change into someone’s lifestyle, it has to be sustainable, and this way of eating is 100% sustainable.

It’s almost impossible to get the transformation you want without changing how you eat, and our life’s purpose is all about helping people transform their lives they way my wife and I have. It’s not just about eating and exercising to look better. Introducing these into your life gives you discipline, confidence, and eventually joy that you’ve never had before. You can enjoy every area of your life more when you’re fit. At fifty-four, I have three small children and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better or been happier in my life than I am today. I want to share what I’ve learned about nutrition with you so that you can start to experience these amazing changes for yourself.

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