Do you know the three activators for achieving super-charged transformation in 2018?

As a mom of three kids under 6 years old, a consultant, and co-owner of a fitness business, I know two things: that self care is critical, and that I don’t get any! And every woman I know is in the same boat. We’re so good at making sure everything gets done or seen to, that sometimes (well, usually if we’re honest) our own needs get put on autopilot. That’s when transformation sounds like a pipe dream. But you know what? That’s when you need transformation the most.

Was 2017 everything you hoped it would be? Are you excited for 2018 or just resigned to more of the same. I have recently rediscovered something that has me SO EXCITED for 2018 – for me and for you! I’ve put together a FREE 3-part series on achieving mind-blowing, life-changing transformation. And to be clear: when I say transformation, what I’m talking about is waking up excited about your life, and experiencing joy, peace of mind, and an increased ability to be creative, loving, and productive. 

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be sharing my personal story of transformation and the number one secret I’ve used to experience joy on an everyday basis (and it will probably surprise you). After that my husband (and business partner) Tony will talk about what he does to virtually reverse the aging process and thrive in the midst of our crazy, chaotic life. Finally, I’ll reveal what the most recent research into positive psychology and neuroscience has to say about reprogramming our minds for success. Click here so you can receive notifications of each of the three articles (which will contain the free downloads).

This really is life changing. It’s worked for me, for Tony, and for countless clients. We want you to achieve success for yourself in 2018. We are driven by a passion to help people enjoy their lives to the fullest, and we have observed that good health is a necessary component.

Transformation IS possible. I believe that we were MEANT to live happy, joyous lives, free from the chains of addiction, chronic illness, and stress. Unfortunately, many of the things we’ve come to rely on to provide us comfort and ease have ended up doing just the opposite. We’ve become sedentary, and chained to our devices. We’re disconnected from each other and from ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I believe you were created to experience limitless joy, fulfillment, and excitement about your life. Actually, I don’t just believe it, I know it. I know it from my personal experience, that I’ll share with you, and the experiences of my husband, and of so many others that we’ve known and who we’ve helped. Transformation is not just for the rich, or the thin, or the ‘perfect’ people. Transformation is for people like you and me. People who’ve always suspected there must be more to life, but have been frustrated at not being able to experience it. People who are tired of letting themselves down, and breaking promises to themselves.

A lot of people will tell you that it starts from within. They’ll tell you that first you have to experience the motivation, and the will to change, and then you’ll be able to achieve it. My experience is that it doesn’t work that way. Yes, it would be nice if we just WANTED to do the things that were good for us, and just DIDN’T want to do the things that were bad for us. And it would be great if all it took was information to flip that switch. I don’t know about you, but I’m not wired that way. My natural state is to sit on the couch, eating potato chips, and wasting time on the most unproductive pursuits possible. If I waited until I wanted to change, I’d still be there, if I wasn’t dead of a stroke, that is.

The reality is that you can’t wait until you want to. The magic is in the action. Doing the hard right thing, even when you don’t want to, changes everything. That’s the start. Taking action is like turning on a switch that makes everything else possible. Once you take action, there is a system for change that will allow you to transform your life and sustain your changes. It will allow you to engage in new, healthy habits.

In the weeks to come, I’m going to share with you the three biggest change activators that I’ve discovered. Some of it may go against what you think should be true. You’ll probably be surprised at how down to earth, and non-mystical the steps for true transformation really are. Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing a series of free guides that will give you the tools you need to make dramatic and lasting change in your life.

And don’t worry – the things you’re going to learn are things you can implement yourself right away. You won’t need to buy supplements or potion, or start eating weird, unpronounceable foods, or buying bizarre contraptions to help you exercise. I promise – after receiving these guidelines, you’ll be able to take immediate action without spending a dime!

I’m so excited to share this with you, and don’t want you to miss a thing. Click here to subscribe so that you’ll make sure to receive every download available in this free series. I want you to have your best year ever, so make sure to keep your eyes out for our first installment.

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