The ultimate solution to getting your twenties body back in your thirties-plus years

I have a confession. I want to look as good now as I did in my twenties (okay, maybe a little better. My twenties were rough). Here’s my problem:

For the last 20 (okay, 20-ish) years, I’ve done Atkins, Paleo, Whatever Chrissy from Three’s Company said to do, Some Beach thing and everything else. I’ve done cardio, aerobics, (without legwarmers, thank you very much), the Step, Nautilus machines, jogging, biking…you name it. I was actually at a place where I felt confident, looked as good as I get, could see my muscles and had a lot of stamina. So I had a baby. And then twins.

And for some strange reason, I just didn’t bounce back. And the only thing more irritating than that is having someone with a fresh new metabolism untouched by years of yo-yo-ing and gimmicks telling me that “all” I have to do is do this exercise for 15 minutes a day (yeah, right), or drink this magic potion or completely change my lifestyle for only 30 DAYS and I’ll be skinny, perfect, and happy. You know what? SHUT UP! You don’t even KNOW…(ugly cries in the corner).

But you know what? Limitless knows. Our gym is not your average gym. Tony, the owner is 54 years old (or young, as he says) and he knows the challenges that come along after you hit your thirties and you start fighting Mother Nature and higher risk of injury but are SO not ready to throw in the towel! You still want to look and feel great, but you need something that actually WORKS and STICKS.

We got your back! Our fitness community gets it, has lived it, and4has overcome it. You don’t want your workout to also be your dating field, you don’t have time to draw this sucker out all day…you have things to do, and you don’t have patience for workouts that aren’t effective.  Guess what? That’s the Limitless Family. Everyone who works out here is over competing with each other, being snarky, judge-y or mean. And if a mean one slips in, guess what? We don’t let them stay. It’s that simple. Our community is that important to us, because that’s what keeps people coming back. Well, that and the results. The one thing all our Limitless Family members have in common is a commitment to show up consistently. That’s it. The rest takes care of itself.

If you want to learn how to eat normal, everyday food in combinations and quantities that will grow you lean muscle and shed bodyfat without being hungry (At all. Seriously, it’s crazy), get ever-changing workouts that will push you past that plateau, and work out with a group of people who want the same thing and will laugh, sweat, and celebrate with you, then maybe come check us out.

We offer everyone 2 free classes so you know we’re not full of it.

See you at the gym!

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