Real People, Real Bodies: Linda’s Stories

As you know, we’ve been providing you snapshots from different people’s fitness journeys. This one is from our very own coach, Linda! Linda’s story shows how even people with enviable metabolisms can struggle with feeling good about themselves. Today Linda is strong, healthy, and a force to be reckoned with! Read her story…

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I) The early years

Having a high metabolism meant I never had to work out to stay slim. Don’t hate me, but I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and how much I wanted.  Never an athlete in my younger years, I never played on any school sports.  Although I had the desire, I just never made the team, or if I did, my parents didn’t have the money or the time to take me to the sports I wanted to learn.

Sure I was slim, but that didn’t mean I was happy with my body.  Like most girls; I was subjected to the pressures of ads featuring beautiful skinny models with perfect bodies. Barbie was the one to strive to look like, and the high school boys wouldn’t turn to look at you unless you were “one of those”.  My thighs, although didn’t touch, were too fat, as were my knees – or so I thought then.

II) The pregnancy years

Then I got pregnant, and  gained 55lbs.  Post birth I retained some of that weight, but I didn’t care because my plan was to make another baby in a couple years. The next time, I only gained about 30lbs.  Again, the weight did not fall off.

I became withdrawn and hid in baggy shirts, hiding my body from my husband when possible and even taking showers earlier or later so he wouldn’t “see me”.  I pulled my hair up in ponytails, buns, and bought yoga pants, sweat pants, leggings.  I wasn’t me anymore;  I was a changed Linda. I was “mom Linda”.  Some would view this as being depressed and although I’m not sure I fit the category, it’s pretty darn close.

III) The Limitless Years

I remember the day well; it was a beautiful Easter weekend, sunny and bright.  We took the kids to Woodinville to partake in an Easter egg hunt.  It was hot but I refused to take my jacket off because it would “show off” my body.  When my husband asked why I wouldn’t, I told him “it’s because I look about 5 months pregnant”.  “Who cares!” he said,  “They don’t know”.  But I did.

The following week, I gave in to my friend Melissa’s persistent yet encouraging nagging and tried out Limitless Fitness for a couple of free classes.  A few days later I purchased an Introductory Special and haven’t looked back.  I went consistently for the trial period for an average of 3-4 days a week.  Once the trial period was over I signed on as a regular client and have been going everyday the gym is open.  It felt glorious to have the energy return, the weight slowly slide off, and the difference of how I felt afterwards.  I loved the “progress reports” Tony gave me and loved seeing minus this and minus that not to mention the plus this!

I am gradually returning to the Linda I used to be, but some old habits haven’t died.  Regardless, I FINALLY love my body. I love what it can do, and what it has achieved.  Most importantly, what I have achieved!  And I am not shy about asking the sales person to get me some pants in a larger size because my thighs demand it!

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