10 Worst New Year’s Resolutions


Most of the world responds to a new year by vowing to leave old habits behind and start fresh. A laudable goal, but those same people often end up giving up in two, three weeks max. Here are the top ten WORST resolutions you can make if you’re looking for making lasting change:

1)      I’m never going to [insert vice] again (starting tomorrow)

2)      I’m going to lose 50 pounds

3)      I’m getting out of debt

4)      I’m going to win the lottery so I can quit my stupid job (and get out of debt)

5)      I’m going to stop yelling at [kids/dogs/husband/mailman]

6)      I’m not going to have a messy house

7)      I’m not going to use my treadmill as a clothes rack anymore

8)      I’m not going to eat all the ice cream anymore, or any sugar, ever

9)      I’m going to stop being so negative

10)   I’m NOT making resolutions anymore

Instead of setting impossible goals with no baby steps, or measurements associated, or creating negative-focused goals (goals of NOT doing anything), or simply giving up before you get started, try using scientifically PROVEN methods to achieve your goals. Here are some great examples:

I’m going to take advantage of Limitless Fitness’ offer of a month unlimited classes for only $79 so I can build good habits for a month, get my body moving, and make new friends who will support my efforts.

Here’s another:

When I sign up at Limitless Fitness, I’m going to take advantage of the free e-book I’ll receive about how to properly nourish my body to get the most out of my workouts, and feel my best.

One more:

I am going to free myself from unhealthy body image expectations and focus on health, strength and loving my body unconditionally.

Now THOSE are SMART goals that will get you on the right road to health, peace of mind, and general awesomeness. Call now to book your two free classes 425.686.4882 or visit our website at www.limitlessfitnesswa.com.

You ARE Limitless!

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