Jump into 2017!

Silhouette young woman jumping over 2017 years on the hill at sunset, while celebrating new year.

Here we are, entering the last week of 2016. It’s been a doozy, that’s for sure! If you’re like most of the population, you’ll just be glad to close the door on this year and get started on the road ahead. What does that road hold for you? It’s pretty common in the fitness industry to have a huge upsurge in January, and if you’re a gym regular, you usually just grin and bear it, knowing that in February things will be back to normal.

That may be true for big box gym owners as well, who count on membership fees without utilization to pad the bottom line. At Limitless, we actually care about you getting your money’s worth and more importantly about you enjoying your life to the fullest through physical fitness. So to help you prepare to have your best year ever, here are some tips to creating lasting change:

1)     Take a searching and fearless inventory about your fitness journey (on paper). This is not to beat yourself up in any way, but to identify your strong suits, your triggers and your patterns. Write down all the positive things you have done for yourself as well as when you’ve fallen short and what the circumstances were around that. Of particular importance will be to clearly identify your part in this. After you have created an inventory your next step is to:

2)    Celebrate the positive steps you’ve taken and forgive yourself for all the times you’ve fallen short. Mentally release yourself from the stronghold of long entrenched habits and become willing to be free of them – even if just in theory.

3)    Identify any negative beliefs you have about change. For example:

a.     This is too hard

b.     I can’t get up early to exercise

c.      I never stick with it

d.     It’s too hard to get fit

4)    Create a list of what will be better in your life if you achieve your goals. Don’t even think about the scale, we’re talking about how you’ll more fully enjoy your life. The world is your oyster here so dream big!

5)    Finally, make a commitment to yourself. If you already exercise regularly, up your intensity. If you haven’t been to a gym since grade school, start to educate yourself on what’s out there and what you might like to do. Start with something manageable and build from there.

 And most of all, take advantage of our 2 free classes for newcomers and for a limited time only you can get a month of unlimited fitness classes for only $79 – a 50% discount!

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