Bethany’s story – Fitness as a mom of a toddler, and then as a pregnant mom!

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Bethany is one of those people who brighten up a room just by being in it. She inspires all of us with her determination and tenacity. As she says below, when she started with us, she had some serious physical limitations that she  overcame! When she was 5 months pregnant, she wowed us all by completing her first half marathon! We’ve seen a lot of women through their pregnancies, including me! Getting back into shape postpartum is an emotional time and not as easy for some of us as the media would have us think it should be. Bethany’s story is an inspiration and reminds us to keep going, and remember the ultimate goal is health! Thank you Bethany!

I’ve always enjoyed being active but beyond school sports, never found a workout routine (besides running) that excited me. During labor with my son, he broke my tailbone, and a few months later, I was rear-ended at a stoplight. So running was out of the question for about a year. Since running was my go-to, I felt lost without any tools to get back into shape. Coupled with the anxieties of being a new mom, I completely stalled out and was out of shape, overweight, and really unhappy with my body.

When my son was about 15 months, I found Limitless Fitness. I was gifted a three-month membership, so I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity. I went every day and it was REALLY hard, but gosh darn, it didn’t take much time to fall in love. I had no idea I loved lifting weights, swinging kettle bells and doing countless burpees! Seriously, something clicked with me and I knew I couldn’t live my life without a new focus on fitness. I was hooked!

Tony and the team helped me get to a great, ideal weight. I was thrilled with the capabilities of my body: my strength, my energy, my endurance, my clothes size. He worked with injury limitations and helped me go further than I thought I could. I was strong and confident and performing better each week.

Six months later, I became pregnant with baby number two! I was thrilled to start my pregnancy at a healthy place. Tony helped me work out through my ENTIRE pregnancy, modifying workouts as needed. At 20 weeks pregnant, I ran a half- marathon and was even doing a few burpees the day before I went into labor.

I’m convinced the gym helped me in my successful natural childbirth. I was strong and empowered and had pushed my mind and body for months, it helped me to go to “that place” when it was baby time.

My daughter is 9 months now, and I’ll be honest, the post-baby weight loss hasn’t gone the way I want. I’m in the percentage of women who store fat while breastfeeding and it’s been very slow and frustrating. But it’s given me a new opportunity to remind myself to appreciate the miracles of my body and remind myself why I workout. Exercise is truly a benefit for body, mind, and soul. Workouts ease my anxiety, help center me for the day and give me a break from the constant pressures of work/kids. Working out gives me the strength I need to handle the rest of my life.

I know the weight loss will come again as I’m finished breastfeeding, hormones calm down, and sleep becomes more regular. In the meantime, I’m still showing up, getting stronger, growing in discipline and becoming even more limitless.

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