What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for

The most common thing I hear when I tell people that we own a (totally amazing) gym is “Oh, I should come check it out…but…” and then they tell me why they are not going to come check it out. I get it, I really do. I am not saying that:

·      Too busy

·      Too tired

·      Too out of shape

·      Too broke

·      Too many kids

·      Too much work

·      Too long of a commute

Are NOT legitimate. They totally are. But let me ask you…how many of the legitimate reasons you have for not exercising would be factors for you if you didn’t have your health? I’m guessing not many. Now, I’m not saying if you start exercising you’ll never get sick…BUT…I do believe based on my experience and that of our clients, that regular physical exercise can reduce or eliminate a lot of chronic health conditions. I also believe that it reduces stress, which I think is behind most illnesses.

But all that aside, it goes back to the ol’ mayonnaise jar, and what you’re making a priority in your life, and if you’re not making your own health and wellbeing one of the non-negotiables I’m curious…why not?

·      Are you under the impression that you will just ‘be healthy’ without any preventative maintenance? I guess that kind of works. Until it doesn’t. Kind of like not changing the oil in your car, you will get away with this for a while, and think it’s not a big deal. Until it is and then you’ll be kicking yourself.

·      Are you subscribing to the theory that tomorrow will be different, without actually taking action to ensure it? I don’t want to be mean, or confrontational, but if nothing changes, nothing changes.

·      Or, having tried in the past without success, do you believe that it won’t work..FOR YOU? To that I say bah! ANYONE can get it and start enjoying their life more fully. Yes, even YOU. Even if you’re too overweight, and too out of shape, and too embarrassed, you can still start improving your health.

So don’t let perfectly good reasons keep you from having a perfectly GREAT life. Take back your health, your fitness, and your longevity. You ARE Limitless!

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