5 reasons to come to the Limitless Grand Opening Shindig tomorrow

5 reasons to come to the Limitless Grand Opening Shindig tomorrow

Sunday, Sept. 11 from 1-3 Limitless Fitness is having an Open House to celebrate finally having our own facility. We were very blessed to have a wonderful location subleased to us from Dance Elite in Lynnwood for our first few years in operation which allowed us to develop our client base and get established in the community. However, it was always our plan to move out in our third year and when the perfect location became available in Alderwood Business Park, we knew it was time to start the next phase.

Because we’d been waiting for this day for so long, we’d put a lot of thought into what kinds of things we wanted to do and hosting an Open House to thank our existing clients and hopefully meet some new ones was top of the list. So of course, we scheduled it right away. With hind sight, it might have been better to wait a few more weeks to get settled but what can I say…we’re excited!  So, if you’re not sure if you want to come out, here are five reasons why you should:

1)     We will be serving sandwiches from Tubs Subs. Now, of course we like to support our local community and especially our clients when we can, and long-time client Marleen Collins is the owner of Tubs Subs, but even so – have you tasted these sandwiches? OH. MY. WORD. They are amazing. Even if you hate working out and will never workout with us, you should try some Tubs. It’s awesome.

2)    You will get to meet our trainers. I get asked all the time ‘What makes your gym different?” I like to talk about the functional training, and how every day is a different workout, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the trainer. You need to work with someone that you have a good rapport with, who you trust and who will push you hard enough to get results but also encourage you. I call it our “Tony Factor’, but Linda and Melissa have it too. They’re just awesome people and you should meet them.

3)    You’ll get to see what we mean by “Fitness Community”. We talk about this a lot and the truth is, the folks you work out with every day become like a family. We celebrate each other and cheer each other on. And then it grows. We do events together and sometimes even baby showers! You’ll love the Limitless Family, and this is a good time to meet them.

4)    There will be stuff for your kids to do. Tony and I have twin two-year-olds and a four-year-old so we get how hard it can be to go out when there’s not things to keep the kids busy. Trust us, we get it! Don’t worry. We will have something to do and your kids will be safe and even have fun.

5)    You could win an awesome prize. I told you we were excited about this! Linda has been scouring all of Bothell and the internet to find the coolest prizes. These are quality prizes and things you WILL want to have.

So we hope to see you there. This is something we are so honored to be able to do to celebrate a really big milestone for us and to thank all the awesome people who are helping make it happen.

You ARE Limitless!

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