Becoming Limitless

Becoming Limitless

By now we’ve been blasting the news far and wide that we have found a location for Limitless Fitness! We’ll be in the Alderwood Plaza Business Park off 196th in Lynnwood (Suite 109, 2125 196th St to be exact).  This will allow us to offer more classes throughout the day and help even more people enjoy their lives more fully through physical fitness.

You have a lot of options when it comes to your fitness – big box gyms, working out at home, DVD’s or streaming videos, personal trainers, studios, and while there is no one size fits all, we do stand out from the crowd in some unique ways.


We are a privately-held independent business with strong ties to the local community. Our kids go to school here, we shop here, and we are invested in the Bothell/Lynnwood/Mill Creek area. This matters because it means we work to give back to the community where you live.

We are passionate about helping you live your best life. We started Limitless because we wanted to change people’s lives and when we looked at the best ways to do this, we realized it was through our God-given passions for fitness and coaching. Our own lives have been changed dramatically through fitness. Medical issues have been overcome and we’ve managed stress and instilled discipline into other areas of our lives starting with fitness. We’ve been transformed and want to share this with everyone who wants it.

We have a program that works. If you’ve ever tried and failed to get fit it was probably due to a combination of not knowing what to do, boredom and/or lack of accountability. We intentionally design our program to overcome all those issues. We make it easy to learn the exercises, and add variety every day so that you (and your body) are never bored.

We provide a community of support and accountability so that you aren’t doing this alone. For many of us, fitness and weight are emotionally charged issues and we somehow get the idea that to ask for help is a sign of weakness. And we’ve all had the bad gym experiences – whether it’s being harassed when we just want to work out, or shamed. At Limitless, we celebrate everyone and provide an environment of acceptance. You will be pushed, and you will be challenged, but you will love it because of the spirit of mutual support.

So if you are stuck and want change your life and gain control of your fitness, there is no better time! Call 425.686.4882 or email to try a class.


You ARE Limitless!

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