What would you do if

What would you do if

You felt strong?

Your aches and pains were gone?

You didn’t get winded so easily?

You weren’t ashamed of your body?

You weren’t ashamed of breaking promises to yourself?

You knew you were at your mental and physical best?

You weren’t enslaved by what the media thinks is the right shape for you?

You were at your body’s natural weight?

You weren’t afraid of other people at the gym?

You weren’t embarrassed about not knowing what to do when you worked out?

You overcame things physically you never knew you could?

You stopped the tape in your head telling you this isn’t for you?

You stopped thinking of exercise as punishment for what you ate?

You stopped thinking of toxic sugar and processed carbs as a ‘reward’?

You actually enjoyed eating healthy…not tolerated…enjoyed?

You realized that the gym is filled with people of all shapes, sizes and athletic ability and the only thing unique about you is your personality…in a good way?

You had a trainer who didn’t look down on your or make you do things that weren’t safe?

You weren’t in competition with anyone else?

You worked out in a place where you knew no one was judging you?

You tried things that were too hard for you…and didn’t die…and you got stronger?

You could play with your kids and not just watch from the sidelines?

You danced in public?

You tried paddle boarding?

You did that hike everyone’s been talking about?

You put on the shorts, or the bathing suit, because it’s hot outside darn it!

What would YOU do if YOU were LIMITLESS!!

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