Independence Weekend!

Independence Weekend!

So yesterday was Canada Day and Monday is Independence Day (both matter to me being a dual-y) and all so I’ve been thinking about Freedom and Independence a lot – and especially how it relates to health and fitness.

I actually had another article prepared for today. It was probably the rawest and most vulnerable one I’ve posted to this site, dealing with body image. This is a subject I struggle talking about, writing about and even thinking about for the basic reason that what I know and believe and write about are sometimes at odds with how I FEEL and the fact that I do know and believe and write so often about how important it is to be healthy and accept yourself as you are makes me feel like I’m failing somehow when the fears and insecurities raise their ugly heads.

There are some amazing women out there doing great work in the interest of challenging women to stop letting our happiness be determined by our thigh size. And now that it’s summer I’ve noticed an upswing in posts and articles about just enjoying the summer with your kids and don’t let worrying about how you look in a swimsuit keep you on the sidelines. And I agree! I agree 100% but some days it takes So. Much. Effort. to walk the walk. When I get into that crappy place, remembering the real reasons for choosing health and fitness and being grateful for all the things my body can do helps a lot.

So in the spirit of the holiday at hand, I would like this post to be a gratitude post for the freedom and independence that fitness has provided me:

Practicing healthy eating and portion control has given me freedom from rampant bingeing on junk food. I’m not sure when this happened exactly, but it did and that is a huge relief!

  • Working out routinely has given me crazy great internal health – all my numbers today are way better than when I was in my twenties.
  • I handle stress like a champ (and we’ve got a LOT of stress) and I know that’s due to regular exercising and sugar abstinence.
  • Refraining from sugar and processed carbs has given me freedom from constant cravings.
  • Living an all-natural lifestyle has FINALLY allowed me to enjoy good, natural sleep (even in the summer when it stays light 24 hours a day – or at least until well past my bedtime).
  • It’s catching on! Grace has invented her own exercise called Flip-Backs (which probably do work her core quite well) and does them daily just because she thinks it’s fun. Love it!

So you see, all those things are REALLY what this is about, not the whole bathing suit thing, or scale number thing. And I hope I get to a point where I never let the other stuff get to me but in the meantime, I do have our wonderful Limitless Family who continually inspire and motivate me to be the best I can be! So thanks all for helping me be Limitless! 

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  1. This is one of the best postings you’ve written. It is written with a sincere, honest heart and speaks volumes to me as I navigate my own body image issues. Thank you.

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