The TRUTH about fitness classes…

The TRUTH about fitness classes

There are very few people who don’t want to be fit and healthy and enjoy the associated benefits but actually getting into a workout routine can be tough. As my coach continually tells me, any system that relies on self-discipline doesn’t work. Sure, some people are successful doing it on their own, but far more start out strong and then find themselves losing momentum. This can be very discouraging. The good news is that there ARE things you can do to increase your chances of success.

One of the biggest factors, hands down, in how often you will participate in your fitness routine is how connected you feel to that routine. This is why fitness classes can be so powerful, and why we have chosen this model as the foundation of the Limitless program.  Here are the benefits of classes versus working out on your own (either to a video or in a big box gym):

Camaraderie – It’s amazing to have a group of people who share your journey and who miss you when you’re not there.

You Time – Whether you’re holding together your family, or have a high pressure job downtown, you probably don’t get to do a lot of things just for yourself. It’s incredible to take that 55 minutes and just invest into your own health and well-being and makes you better at your other jobs!

Accountability – when you are a regular member of a class, you’re missed when you’re not there. And for those who ask us, we will follow up with you to help you build accountability into your program. This makes all the difference.

Variety – There are only so many times you can do the same video series in the same environment and not get alittle burned out. The beauty of classes is that you get a different workout every day AND you don’t need to buy all the little extras to keep it interesting.

Now, don’t get me wrong – not all classes provide the same value! We firmly believe functional training is the way to go! This incorporates natural, multi-joint movements to avoid repetitive stress or injury. We also use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to make sure you get the maximum burn out of every workout. If you’re not constantly challenging your body, you are not getting the full benefit from your time.

So if you’re feeling stuck, bored or unmotivated you might just want to check out a functional training class at Limitless Fitness. Because after all, You ARE Limitless!  Call 425.686.4882 to book your FREE introductory class today!

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