The secret you NEED to know to start a regular fitness routine

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Study after study in the country tell us that North Americans are more out of shape than ever before in history, and that we’re ingesting processed carbs, sugars and alcohol in record-breaking numbers. Most people wish they looked and felt better but feel like failures because every day they resolve to do better and by the time they go to sleep they have let themselves down again. Whether it’s eating that second donut at the office, or driving past the gym instead of into it, breaking a promise to yourself feels terrible and eventually leads to hopelessness.

What if instead of feeling like a failure, you could keep your promises to yourself? Not even withstanding the physical benefits you gain from a healthy lifestyle, what about the pride and renewed self-confidence of feeling like you have the ability to stick to a plan and overcome the temptation of self-destruction?

It’s not only possible, it’s happening every day. We see client after client come to us frustrated and miserable because they feel like they can’t break out of their destructive eating patterns or inactivity. This is not a trick or a gimmick. We will never tell you that your life is going to change forever after three weeks of drinking this or that magic potion because we’re not about temporary fixes. Yes, it’s possible to grin and bear something like a diet or a workout regime for a limited amount of time, but there really aren’t shortcuts and to think of it as a short term intervention is inviting inevitable failure. Human psychology tells us that our minds are very complex machines that do NOT want us to change the status quo and yet to get fit, you have to commit to regular (4-6 days a week) of physical activity that encompasses strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. And by commit, think…forever. So to outsmart ourselves, we have to dig deep.

Here are the most common barriers to implementing a regular fitness routine:

·       Daily life intrudes into workout time and so the workout gets put off

·       Boredom with same routine day in and day out

·       Lack of understanding of what to do

·       Attenuation – you do the same thing every day until your body is used to it and stops responding

·       Lack of support

·       Lack of financial resources to invest in training

·       Lack of accountability

At Limitless Fitness, we have taken all these factors into account in designing our customized Limitless Fitness Training program. A phenomenon like Limitless doesn’t just ‘happen’…there are thousands of hours of research and studying into physiology, psychology and coaching to design a program that works for just about everyone.

·       Our functional fusion training classes incorporate all the latest multi-joint functional workouts that work your body hard but using natural range of motion so that you are not at a high risk of injury.

·       Because every day is different, your body never attenuates to these workouts.

·       Using the science of functional training allows us to train all levels of fitness within the same class. Everyone does their own personal best every time – whether you’re just starting out, or training for a marathon.

·       We provide early morning workouts so that nothing can interfere with your fitness time (and soon we will be offering late afternoon workouts that you can do on your way home from work).

·       We hand select trainers who are skilled at creating group camaraderie so that you quickly develop a team of friends to encourage you, and we attract clients who want to support each other.

·       When you work out in a group, you start to be accountable to one another. Some of our clients text each other the night before to make sure they’re coming in. And if we don’t see you for a week, we’ll check in to make sure you’re still on track (at least, until you tell us to stop!)

·       We are a family owned, local business with family values; as part of this community we regularly engage in activities to support local charities and people in need.

·       We really are a family. We do things together like go bowling, or hiking. We help each other out, we have baby showers (and there have been a lot of Limitless babies).

·       We will help you by providing nutritional counseling and menus, we’ll take your measurements and track your progress. Are you traveling? We’ll even give you some workouts to do on the road.

So you see, at Limitless we have unlocked the secret to a fitness program that will work for you. It’s community, variety, support and challenge. Want to see for yourself? Please call now for a chance to experience one of our life-changing classes for yourself…because you ARE Limitless!

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