5 ways that getting fit increases your awesomeness quotient

5 ways that getting fit increases your awesomeness quotient

It probably NEVER goes without saying, but we’re pretty firm believers in my house that physical fitness is very important. And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that in my youth this was 100% tied to vanity, but as I get older and hopefully wiser (if not just more realistic), I’ve found that the benefits of physical fitness go SO much farther than appearance, or even health.  The intentionality of working to make your body as healthy a vessel as possible truly connects one’s mind, body and spirit and allows you to most fully experience (and enjoy) life. Here are five ways that getting more physically healthy can make you more awesome.

Investing in yourself: This may not seem like a benefit at first. After all, it sounds a little selfish, and isn’t selfishness and self-centeredness kind of a major problem with the world? Well yes…but…the key here is authenticity. Investing in your health, longevity and/or growth, and not harming others in the process, is a lot different than clogging the internet with filtered selfies and humble-bragging about how much you suck because you only did 100 burpees. Really investing in your fitness is about being the best you that you can be…and hopefully that includes inspiring and helping others.

Working towards a goal: Our current society has an addiction to instant gratification that makes it really hard to set and achieve long term goals. Although it’s perfectly NORMAL to want to see awesome results after three days of eating well and exercising hard, it’s just not that easy. Setting a long term goal and developing patience and perseverance serves you EVERYWHERE.

Doing the hard right thing: Similar to the above point, our culture seems to have adopted the mindset that if something is difficult, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. So many things seem so easy to other people (again, may I remind you of social media filters) that we tend to assume that if something is difficult we shouldn’t do it. Working out and exercising is wonderful for reminding you that great results take work and sometimes the harder something is, the better it is making you.

Being an example to your children: Because we have such a high standard of physical ‘beauty’ thanks to the media, we may never look how we think we should. I know a lot of women who think they have physical flaws and wish they could change a part of their body but I don’t personally know any who hope their daughters feel that way too. By working for strength and health and accepting our genetic cards as they were dealt, we are living examples to our kids. And they ARE paying attention!

Enjoying more of what life has to offer: Being able to comfortably fit in airplane seats, walk along a stream or up a hill, keep up with the little people in your life (whether they’re kids, grand kids or strangers’ children whom you’re trying to run away from) are all easier when you’re fit. I can think of virtually no aspect of life that is more enjoyable if you are out of shape.

So there you go…5 ways that being fit and healthy will make you more awesome! If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to get as fit as possible, and if I’m not correct, you have the option to backslide back to baseline!

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