Stop feeling fat almost immediately with a Comparison Fast

Stop feeling fat almost immediately with a Comparison Fast

If you’re committed or only even slightly motivated to change your life and body through healthy eating and physical fitness, I’ll bet you a billion gazillion dollars that ‘feeling fat’ has played at least a small part of your desire to change. Fat is SUCH a loaded word…at some point in our lives it became more than just a short way to say adipose tissue and became a word with the power to dictate how we feel about ourselves as human beings.

In the last twenty years, our fear and hatred of fat on our bodies has extended towards a fear and hatred of all fat – a fear that the evil sugar lobbyists have wholeheartedly exploited in an effort to make their toxic substance more appealing, which has made us as a nation…FAT. And because of the inevitable counter swing, we now have people coming out the woodwork suggesting that not only is it bad to ‘shame’ people for being fat (duh) but that being fat is GOOD (huh?). Sigh.

If all the back and forthing has got your confused and demoralized and unsure how you should be feeling about yourself, then here are some helpful guidelines.

1)      You are awesome. If you need to lose twenty pounds, you are awesome and need to lose twenty pounds. If you need to lose 100 pounds you are awesome and need to lose 100 pounds. If you don’t need to lose any weight you are awesome and don’t need to lose any weight.

2)      If you are abstaining from sugar, a ton of added fat and are eating protein, fruits and vegetables in reasonable quantities then you are probably within 10% of your ideal weight RIGHT NOW.

3)      If you want to get to your ideal weight, see number two and find an exercise program that a) pushes you beyond what is comfortable and b) you will do.

4)      If you are doing the above and are still clinically obese, go to a doctor because you may have some hormone or health issue that needs attention.

5)      If you are doing 2 and 3 and still ‘feel fat’ then there is one thing left to do…go on a comparison fast.

Comparison Fasts are awesome – and I am hoping to start a movement so they become the new ‘beach body/hard body/tiny body/whateverbody’ craze. 10 out of 10 people report increased joy, peace and happiness within two weeks of embarking on Comparison Fasts, with no hunger, fatigue or rage.  Here is how you do it:

Stop comparing yourself to other people.

If you attempt to start a comparison fast and find yourself struggling, here are some things you can do to help.

a)       Don’t read fashion magazines

b)      Don’t watch reality tv shows

c)       Don’t believe that you should look like the 1% of people who become famous for their rare genetics and ability to spend 16 hours a day and millions of dollars solely on their appearance.

Here’s the skinny (so to speak…hahahaha).  Beauty/physical perfection has become an idol in our culture, or an addiction, if you will. Meaning, it is something people put all their faith in, believing it will make them happy/secure/loved if they attain it. Only it won’t, so the closer you get, the more desperate you become and the more and more you need.  If you don’t love and like yourself and your life BECAUSE you need to lose 20 pounds, I’m sorry to break it to you, but nothing’s going to change if you lose 20 pounds. You ARE ALLOWED to like and love yourself RIGHT NOW…JUST THE WAY YOU ARE…and if you really do have 20 extra pounds that you are genetically able to lose, you can, and it will be great and you’ll be healthier.

But at the end of the day, feeling fat isn’t about fat at all, usually. Feeling fat is about feeling unsafe, inadequate, unlovable, unattractive or other bad things and getting skinny isn’t the answer. Instead, get strong, get healthy, get friends, get community, get out of the comparison mindset and get ready to start LOVING your life!

Now get on with your bad self because you ARE Limitless!

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