Don’t let the haters bring you down!

Don’t let the haters bring you down!

Now that you’ve committed to a life of fitness and healthy eating, here are some things you will eventually hear from people who are either a) misinformed b) trying to sabotage you for nefarious reasons of their own or c) people who you are MAY taking the wrong way but may possibly be in category b, so keep your eye on them.  Whatever the case, do not let naysayers or doubters derail you from being your best you. To be helpful, I am including some helpful retorts for the haters, but keep in mind you have to determine if they are haters or just misguided well-meaners (mwm’s)before you choose your response.

1)      Another gym? How long do you think you’ll keep this up?

To Haters: A lot longer than you kept your resolution to be kind and supportive…APPARENTLY…

To mwm’s: Hahahaha…the important thing is that I don’t give up, right?

2)      I don’t know why you’re bothering; everyone knows diets don’t work.

To Haters: You’re obviously speaking from experience.

To mwm’s: You’re right, they don’t. But I’ve done my homework and this seems like a lifestyle adjustment I’ll be able to maintain long term.

3)      Weightlifting? Aren’t you worried you’ll bulk up?

To Haters: What, have you been on a treadmill listening to your Walkman for the last twenty years? Everyone knows that strength training builds LEAN muscles.

To mwm’s: I’m not really worried about that. All the most recent research shows that strength training builds LEAN muscles.

4)      You go to the gym at WHAT time? That’s crazy, I could never do that.

To Haters: Yeah. Obviously.

To mwm’s: You’d be surprised at how quickly you get used to it and how good you feel getting it done with at the end of the day.

5)      You only live once! Why would you deprive yourself of life’s simple pleasures?

Well, I kind of thought MOVING and BREATHING easily were some of life’s simple pleasures but you’re right. Eating processed sugar is much more important.

Actually, once I got past my sugar addiction I found that I enjoyed more foods than I did before!

So there you are, some excellent responses to the most common questions you are likely to hear on your road to fitness awesomeness. And if you are not sure whether you are talking to Meany McJudgypants or someone who’d just misinformed (or possibly intimidated by your pending awesomeness) remember, there is not penalty in just choosing kindness.  You ARE Limitless!

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