Overcoming the weirdness of joining a new gym

Well, January is gone, and February is nearly done, too. Even here in Northern Washington the Ides of March signify that summer is on its way. I used to dread bathing suit season. Now, I’m not even too crazy about shorts season, thanks to my ghastly pallor that six months of indoor living produces. Many people decide around March that to prepare for bathing suit season they will start to eat right and get fit. Maybe JOIN A GYM.  If you’re like many people, the thought of JOINING A GYM is not exactly a cause for celebration. Previous experiences may have involved any of the following:

  • Paying good money for a membership that allowed you free reign of equipment you had no idea how to use, or no actual access to the equipment during ‘peak times’ (i.e. any time you actually were available to exercise).
  • Lurking, salesman-like ‘trainers’ who would eye you disdainfully and tell you you were doing things wrong but that for merely a small fortune or your firstborn child they would provide personal training.
  • Creepy fellow-worker outers who assumed by your mere presence out of the house that you were clearly looking for a date and obligingly compliment you or repeatedly ask you out.
  • Judgy people. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that stare at you and curl their lip as though to ask why on earth someone like YOU would be sharing gym space with such specimens of perfection.

Now, as a person suffering from lifelong introversion, perfectionism and a curious blend of egomania and low self-esteem (I just KNOW you’re talking about me, but it’s not good) I had to battle through ALL these aversions to get my fitness fix but it could be challenging.  All I wanted was a place where I could go and get a really good workout and not be annoyed by people! Tony and I realized that although there are gyms on every corner (actually, this is literally true in Southern California) that specific environment we were looking for was not.

At first it was a ‘what if game’.

What if…

  • We could actually create a gym where people felt welcomed and accepted no matter WHAT kind of shape they were in?
  • We could celebrate people getting into the best shape of their life without making anyone feeling judged about where they were starting?
  • We could create a truly ‘family’ environment, where people could come and be themselves and not worry about getting hit on by other patrons?
  • We could create a community that celebrated each other, supported each other and empowered each other to be their personal best?
  • We could apply what we knew worked and actually give people results; whether it was better medical results, easier postpartum recoveries or fitting into that smaller pair of pants?

Then we realized it wasn’t just dreaming – that this is what we wanted to do with our lives AND where we would want to work out.

And so Limitless Fitness was born.

But even in our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined more awesome clients! We’ve seen folks from all walks of lives form a cohesive team that really does inspire and encourage one another. We’ve been able to watch people achieve amazing results and bring on board two of the most positive, energetic trainers in the UNIVERSE to help carry the torch.

So thank you, Limitless Family, for making a dream a reality and letting us help you achieve your dreams.

We ARE Limitless!

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