Three things ‘they’ don’t want you to do (and so you definitely should)…

As I write this, I’m just a little irritated with the whole world. Not an uncommon phenomenon, but my ire today is provoked by how freaking complicated ‘they’ make pretty much everything.  And by ‘they’, I’m primarily talking about Corporate America, lobbyists, scientists and people in the beauty industry. Oh yeah, throw in bridal and parenting industries too because most of them are just as evil. So here’s what is bugging me, along with a plan to beat them:

So firstthey make it economically impossible to be a normal traditional farmer and grow normal healthy food and instead make it incredibly lucrative to put chemicals and pesticides in OUR FOOD and to grow cheap weird stuff that is not really food but create a gazillion dollar marketing industry to convince everyone that corn syrup and flour and other ‘stuff’ IS food and good to eat.

THEN sugar lobbyists spend another gazillion dollars to make everyone scared of fat by partnering with the same above-mentioned marketing people in order to trick us into eating a toxic amount of chemicals and sugar to avoid fat.

Don’t even get me going on the whole ‘be a size zero or no one will ever love you’ crap. I think we all know that once again (seeing a trend here) the marketing people are getting very very rich off of making you feel fat, ugly and desperate.

PLUS the predators who then act like they want to help you but invent a new ‘diet’ or ‘eating plan’ or ‘lifestyle’ that’s completely contradictory to last week’s fad of the week but promise results if you just do this, or do that, or take this, or take that.

Not to mention, the pervasive, insidious subliminal cultural norm that one should always be happy, never be uncomfortable (enough to change?) and that hurt feelings must be avoided no matter what the cost to your health or life.

AND the shitty, stupid judginess of some people who think that just because they have reached a place of accomplishment that instead of reaching out a hand, they belittle people who are not where they are. Specifically….people at the gym who laugh at newbies and other bottom feeding low lifes of a similar nature.

And toddlers. They are so selfish, aren’t they? What’s up with them? Well, okay, I’m not all that pissed off at toddlers, but I am sick to death of all of the other things and how they combine to make us as individuals and as a culture fat, confused, out of shape and virtually sidelined from our own lives.

So my anti-establishment rant:  Here are three things that if we all do them will completely destroy the establishment, make you feel better, and make you look better.

1. Decide today – RIGHT NOW – to love yourself JUST HOW YOU ARE. EVEN IF you are fat (or skinny).  EVEN IF your roots are showing and ESPECIALLY IF you’re not perfect. Love yourself anyway and do not tolerate anyone or anything that tries toconvince you of anything different.

2. Don’t eat sugar or things that companies have made for you. Maybe you can’t afford to buy organic, but don’t eat stuff that has ‘ingredients’. Just try it. Here’s an example. Apple – yes, eat it. Store bought Apple Pie – has ingredients. Don’t eat it. Stuff you make. Yes. Anything ‘low fat’ (other than the apple), no.

3. Accept discomfort! Discomfort either prompts change or signifies it. If you are winded going up the stairs, don’t convince yourself that stairs should be avoided; realize you need some change. If you sweat and get sore when you work out, realize that it means you’re using muscles that haven’t been used and that’s a good thing. Being uncomfortable is NOT a bad thing…THEY just make a lot of money trying to convince you it is.

That’s it! Those three things could ruin a good thing for some evil people. Are you with me? Let’s do it! You ARE Limitless!

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