What does Limitless mean to you?

I am writing this so filled with love and admiration for our clients that I wanted to share. Sometimes when people think about joining a gym, they are filled with fear and trepidation about entering a room filled with shriek-y hard bodies who will judge them and run around doing impossible physical feats. The associated feelings with an environment like this is embarrassment and awkwardness – NOT empowerment and optimism.

Limitless means different things to different people…

For me personally, it means overcoming a nearly crippling eating disorder to get to a place of love and acceptance of my body…AND to have two amazingly healthy pregnancies and recovery times….AND to be able to tell my daughter “Your body is the perfect container for you” and know how important this is.

For Tony it means overcoming some adversity that would have sent others head first into self pity, or a bottle, or a never-ending buffet and instead arriving at acceptance and determination to live every day to the fullest and never take his health for granted. It’s overcoming genetic predisposition to a host of illnesses and win a freaking BODYBUILDING contest at age 52 just because he can. It’s about feeling confident about dancing at Grace’s wedding when he’s in his seventies.

We have seen clients through successful pregnancies, through post-partum recovery, through serious operations, and through overcoming diabetes. We have seen clients gain self-esteem through overcoming food dependencies. We’ve seen our clients realize that they are stronger than they ever imagined.

We’ve seen people come in when everything was falling apart, just glad for an hour of distraction, and we’ve seen them lean on their early morning fitness buddies to get them through the rest of the day. We’ve seen the love and support our Limitless family has for one another and we’ve seen people accomplish incredible things.

We believe people are in each others’ lives for a reason and that none of us are meant to trudge through on our own. We believe that anything hard we go through can be used to help someone else. We believe that EVERYONE can be Limitless.  All it takes is saying to yourself “I deserve better. I’m worth it.” And hanging out with other people who believe it, even when you don’t believe it yourself.

That’s what Limitless means to us. What does it mean to you?

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