The secrets of successful change

If you’re like pretty much everyone in the whole world, you may feel like you hate change. You fight hard to establish routines and rhythms in your life and when things happen that disrupt those routines and rhythms you many get just a wee bit discombobulated if not violently hostile. We’re just kind of wired that way. However, I bet if you really think about it, it’s not CHANGE per se that you don’t like, it’s change that you don’t initiate. As an example…I bet almost everyone reading this has, at one time, completely rearranged a perfectly functional room in your home just to get a ‘breath of fresh air’. Now, if another person living in your home were to do this without consulting with you, it probably wouldn’t be particularly ‘embraced’. Am I right?

Unfortunately, even when we initiate change, it can be hard to follow through. Take a sincere desire to lose excess body fat, abstain from sugar, get healthy or exercise more. Even when these changes are your idea and you sincerely want it, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve lasting and sustainable change. Why is this?

First, it’s helpful to understand what goes on in your mind when it comes to change. With any major self-directed change, the following steps are likely to occur and re-occur:

·       Pre-contemplation-no intention of changing

·       Contemplation-aware there is need for change, but not ready

·       Preparation-intent on taking action

·       Action-actively modifying behavior

·       Maintenance-sustained change

·       Relapse-fall back into old behavior

With all that going on, it’s no surprise that change can be slow and halting sometimes.  If you are determined to sustain a major change in your life, here are some things that science and experience has indicated will greatly contribute to your success. Try some, try all, but these really help.

1)      Write down your goal and your WHY…what it will mean to you to accomplish your goal.

2)      Find accomplices! The more people actively rooting for you the better. That’s part of the reason why we are working so hard to build a fitness community. All of us are better than some of us.

3)      Don’t talk to naysayers about your goals. We all tend to assign more credibility to our detractors so don’t even talk to those negative nellies.

4)      Start thinking in terms of progress…NOT perfection. Black and white thinking is what makes you go on a two week binge after indulging in one piece of birthday cake at the office party. If you make more good choices today than yesterday, you are winning.

5)      Don’t future trip! If you find yourself mourning all the food you’re not going to get to enjoy on vacation next summer SHUT UP. Just make healthy choices for TODAY and you’ll be amazed at your progress.

So embrace the positive change, enjoy it and make sure to celebrate it with your support group and accomplices. We are behind you all the way because you ARE Limitless!

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