That’s too early to work out…

If you’re reading this, chances are you either are my mom (hi, Mom), a Limitless Family member, or are interested in working out in one way or another. We have been offering morning workouts in Lynnwood since 2013 (and now Mountlake Terrace as well). Changing people’s lives through fitness is our driving passion, and we get pretty excited about adding to the Limitless family or talking about working out in general. We currently offer our classes in the morning (starting at 4:30 am and going through 7:30 am). Because those of us who are functional fitness converts love bringing new people into the fold, we often talk about our awesome trainers or workouts only to be met with “Sounds good, but that’s too early for me. Let me know when you have classes later in the day.”

Now rest assured that’s the plan eventually, but as a lifelong early morning worker-outer, I honestly can’t get my head around the argument. Back in my big box days, I would carefully plan my travel around gyms that were open at 4:30 am. Seriously…NOT being able to work out first thing was a deal breaker. I once turned down a job offer once because it was in a small town and the only gym didn’t open until 7:00 am.

I understand that I am possibly a tetch bit more regimented than most, but in my mind nothing but NOTHING beats the feeling of leaving the gym in the morning, exhausted in a good way, with the sun just coming up and all that O2 swirling through my body knowing that I’M DONE! This has been part of my life since long before I had my three kids and now that they’re here it’s even more important to me than ever. Just compare and contrast:

Night before Early Workout

·       I go to sleep at a reasonable time.

Early Workout Day

·       I wake up at about 4:00, get up, drink my energy drink of choice, take my vitamins, pick out what I’m going to listen to (I like to listen to educational stuff when I work out) and am warming up by about 4:20. Hit it hard and am all done by 5:20. The twins may or may not be squawking but usually they’re content. Drink my coffee in peace and quiet and do my prayer and meditation with my War Board (because I’m not spiritual enough to give up my closet yet). Time and babies permitting, I get a shower and maybe even a social media binge. Then I go get the twins and feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to start the day.

Night before Non-Early Workout

·       I stay up late watching a stupid tv show (and probably eating the sugar)

Not Working out Early

·       I have twin 20-month olds and a 4 yr old therefore, I don’t ‘sleep in’.  If I’m lucky I wake up at 5:30 or 5:40 when they start squawking. I pull myself out of bed hoping I can get the coffee made at least before they are kicking the walls. I rush through the vitamins and start figuring out when I’ll actually fit in a workout. Maybe as soon as the child-care help arrives. Oh wait, don’t have that right now. Maybe when Tony gets home.  Get the kids up and fed and check email. Uh oh, two interviews have confirmed and no time to work out between them. Maybe in the afternoon. Oh wait, Tony has a meeting. Maybe after dinner…nope that won’t work.

For me, besides the incredible peace and well-being I get from starting early, there is also the near certainty that STUFF will encroach into my time. If STUFF doesn’t, it usually means I’ve been working all day and if I pop my head out of my cave, the littles will stab a thousand daggers of guilt into my heart if I spend my free hour all by myself working out instead of with them. And I miss them.

Besides ALL that, there is actually a lot of research that supports the theory that people who get up early and organize themselves tend to be more successful than sleeper-inners. I’ll go with that.

And finally, to all the nay-sayers who say that it’s ‘just too early’ I have a question. Are you sure? Have you tried it or do you just assume it will be horrible? I would advise anyone to give it a shot because there is such a huge upside.

You CAN work out early because you ARE limitless!

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