Why 2016 is the year of Functional Fitness

During the last two to five years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the health and fitness industry. It seems that waif thin, cardio-driven models of beauty have been body-slammed (and frankly, it wasn’t too hard…eat a burger or something why don’t ya) into a whole new world where we are told that STRONG is the new sexy. This was healthy and affirming for a good 10 minutes, until that, too became an unrealistic standard. While the normal, average woman was offered a glimpse of hope that maybe we WOULDN’T be expected to have a tennis ball size gap between our thighs, or a butt the size and shape of an eight-year-old boy’s, that hope was soon dashed with the realization that we WOULD have to develop six packs, learn to bench press twice our body weight and say good bye to gluten forever.

As is usually true of mass media, they got some things right and then immediately twisted it for commercial gain. After all, the worst thing in the world for this particular industry would be for everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, right?

If you are despairing of ‘having it all’ fitness-wise, fear not. 2016 is the year of Functional Fitness. What does this mean? A lot, actually, on many levels; all of which are good for you. Functional Fitness is the theory and practice of developing and strengthening your body doing every day range of motion activities. Imagine what your body would need to do to get through a week 100 years ago. Functional training basically gets you able to do THAT stuff. While people probably NEVER needed to or ever will need to curl 50 pounds with their biceps, everyone (us Moms especially, TOTALLY need to know how to lift, carry, twist, reach, etc. In my case, while carrying one, two, or three squirming thirty-pound weights otherwise known as Ben, Aiden and Grace).

 Functional training gets you in cardio shape, not by hours spent running on a treadmill (because who has time for that and WHY?) but by bursts of speed and power. Like, when your kid has made a beeline for the fish bowl and you’re helping someone else on the potty. You need speed and agility here like nowhere else, am I right?

Functional training is not sexy because it’s not a magic bullet. If you engage in rigorous functional training and eat right, you will see amazing results. If you do it half-way, you’ll see half-way results. My experience is if you are a pear and do rigorous functional training you will be a sleeker and sexier pear with muscle tone but will probably not metamorphose into a gazelle. But who wants to get eaten by a lion anyway?

Functional training can help you see your body as a gift that is best served by keeping well fed. It helps you appreciate all the wonderful things your body can do instead of resenting that beautiful little pouch your baby/babies made. (I call it poor man’s play doh, but I’m sick that way). Functional training gets you connected with discipline and hard work. If you happen to do functional training with Limitless Fitness (and we hope you consider it) it also will get you connected with just about the coolest group of workout partners…EVER. 

 So join me in celebrating 2016 the year of functional fitness.

You ARE Limitless!

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