Is January 1st the best time to start your fitness journey?

If you’ve been working out for more than a couple years, you are well familiar with the New Year’s Syndrome. For the first three weeks of January, EVERYTHING fitness-related is crowded as swarms of well-meaners crowd gyms all over the nation. Sadly, but truthfully, we know that by February things will be back to normal, as it seems like most folks don’t stick with their resolutions.

So, if you are a resolution-maker-to-be, what does this mean for you? Should you even bother making a fitness resolution for the new year?

Unlike most people these days, we are huge fans of resolutions. Why? Because resolutions are, at the heart of the matter, a goal. A goal is a picture of a different reality and at the end of the day the only way for change to happen is to picture a new reality, make a goal and take steps towards your goal.  That being said, a resolution without a solid action plan is pretty much just a wish and as such unlikely to drive long term success. So what can you do to avoid being one of the many who start and stop a whole new life before the end of January?

Well for one, don’t make January 1st your start date! If you need to get fit, how about putting together your goals and starting now! Not next week, not in two or three weeks, not after the weekend but right now. A healthy lifestyle is simply a compilation of healthy choices minute by minute. It’s not a magical new reality that happens as the sun rises on a new day. It’s a matter of choosing water instead of soda right now. It’s a matter of choosing carrot sticks over potato chips at the party today. It’s a matter of going to bed early enough…tonight…to wake up and work out tomorrow.

By prolonging your journey until January 1st, you are setting yourself up for failure. Decide now. Decide that you won’t eat three Christmas cookies after dinner. Decide to try fresh fruit instead of candy. Decide that instead of running FROM bad (and delicious) food you are running TO equally delicious healthy food AND a happy, healthy body.

Start with good choices right now. What’s that you say? You already blew it today? Well make the second half of today healthy. And put together some goals and affirmations.
•    Today I am choosing healthy and longevity
•    Today I am honoring my body with healthy food
•    Today I am eating food that is life giving
•    Today I am choosing to move more and sit less
Your road to fitness is not a teleportation from state a to state b, it is a step by step journey made of choice after choice after choice. So choose to start now.

You ARE Limitless!

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