An update on my life without sugar

So two weeks ago, I wrote about getting ready to get ready to give up sugar. The reason is I was frustrated at how hard I’ve been working out (what was with the burpee beatdown, Tony) and my weight actually climbing.

I know that the scale is not the measure of my self worth, and that sometimes you can gain muscle, but this was NOT muscle and even my most ardent denial/rationalization reflex couldn’t argue the flab inching over my jeans.  So I agreed to do the unthinkable…LOG MY FOOD…

Oops…just like I always say (but don’t do)…nibbles count. For instance, did you know that ONE THIRD of a donut has practically a whole day’s worth of carbs?  Or that a Monty Mushroom burger from White Spot has over a thousand calories before adding fries. Totally worth it, mind you, but that’s a LOT and if you’re not staring at the log, it’s easy to ignore.

So I started logging everything and stopped eating sugar. Any sugar. Raw sugar, sugar added into delicious Christmas cookies, sugar in the form of bread, and sugar in the form of ketchup (and that really hurt).

Here’s what has happened:

It has been HARD to get enough calories in for the day without sugar!! To get to my macro balance, I have been having to add protein shakes or force myself to eat. Now listen, if that makes you want to punch me in the face, I get it. I am ALWAYS hungry and I HATE people who say what I just said. I almost divorced Tony over this:) But when I just eat healthy protein, nuts and vegetables I’m not hungry.

For the most part, I’ve enjoyed my food. I have to admit, I’m a little sick of salsa chicken and a little bored of the same things. To be fair, I’ve put ZERO effort into finding new recipes so this is my own fault.

I’ve cheated a bit because a) PMS and b) Christmas cookie season. And I have found something out. I CANNOT CONTROL AND ENJOY MY SUGAR…If I control it I don’t enjoy it and if I enjoy it I can’t control it. ONE BITE unleashes cravings….so if you can do moderation power to ya! I think I might be an abstinence kinda gal when it comes to candy and cookies.

I feel 100% better, stronger, lighter and in control of not just my body but my LIFE.

Oh yeah, I’ve lost 7 pounds….

So if you are feeling stuck, this may be a lever to pull. I promise, it’s not as bad as you think it will be…

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