What it really looks like to get ready to get ready to detox from sugar

Last week, I wrote about my frustration with lack of progress in my working out / losing the last of the baby weight (18 months later). I know a lot of people who want to lose weight (healthfully) AND/OR emotionally eat AND/OR get discouraged at what feels like a lack of progress so I thought it might be helpful to share part of my journey.


Every day prior to day before I started:

Me: This SUCKS!! I get before the crack of dawn to work out and I’m in the best shape of my LIFE and the scale is inching up. What the &&*& (heck)!?!?!? It must be age. Or hormones. Tony, don’t you think this sucks?
Tony: You look beautiful to me. (wisely says nothing else.).
Me: No, this is jacked up. Why aren’t I losing weight?
Tony: (looking like he wants to die) Umm, I don’t know? Are you snacking?
Tony: OK.
Me: [eating next to nothing all day] I’m starving. This is horrible.
Grace: Make me popcorn!
Me: Okay. [Eats a small bowl]. This is a very small bowl and I ate nothing all day so it doesn’t really count.
Me: All that salt needs something sweet. I think I’ll have a protein bar. And a yogurt. And maybe one piece of candy because all the protein will balance it out.

In my defense, my total calorie intake is well within recommending guidelines to be losing weight and I am 10-20 (depending) pounds away from pre-baby weight, so I don’t think I have an unreasonable goal. I used to be able to get to my body’s ideal weight (not my mind’s but that’s another article) through portion control but after I hit 40, macro and nutritional composition has apparently become a big deal.

Day before I started:

Me: This is so stupid! Look at what I ate yesterday, Tony. There’s no way I shouldn’t lose weight.
Tony: Says nothing.
Me: Don’t you think it’s not fair that I’m not losing weight?
Tony: The only thing I can think of is maybe you’re really sensitive to sugar.
Tony: Okay, then I don’t know.
Me: Really, I mean look! All I eat is salad and yogurt.
Tony: There’s sugar in salad dressing. And croutons.

Sigh. Was it really going to come to this? Even croutons were to be denied me? It all seemed so unfair and even though I watched, and believed, Fed Up, part of me still thinks a calorie is a calorie. But out of desperation, I decided to start logging my food again, keep my macros to my goal and not eat ANY sugar or high fructose corn syrup other than fruits.  This is going to suck.

Day 1
To be honest, day 1 kind of sucked, but  it was more emotional than actually being hungry. Whenever I actually track my macros, I end up having to eat more than I thought so I’m never hungry. But I was forced to admit I was withdrawing. I actually felt a little lightheaded and definitely irritable. All day I felt like I wanted something sweet. After dinner I had an apple and it totally helped.

Day 2
I read that macadamia nuts, green olives and avocados help people lose weight who have trouble due to some hormonal issues. Bought green olives and macadamia nuts. They are delicious and very salty. I had to drink protein shakes to get enough calories and I wasn’t hungry. Made a test cake for the shower next week and didn’t eat any!

Day 4-8
This is remarkable! I feel great! I think I’ve lost 4 pounds but it’s hard to tell because of all the salt I’m eating.

Overall at this point I am mostly struck that the hardest part was getting motivated to do this and this is what we do for a living!  The extent to which I was in denial about my food and especially sugar consumption is staggering. I am totally psyched about how my body will change and if it turns out I really am too old and my metabolism too damaged I can honestly say I am fine eating like this anyway. I feel much lighter and energetic.

So, to conclude…if you’re like me it can be easy to overlook small nibblies. It might be worth it to actually log your food and try to give up sugar for a while. It might just be that it will not be nearly as bad as you think it will be. Trust me!

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