What’s the point?

True confession time – sometimes I DON’T exercise because of all the health benefits, and because I like getting up early and because I like challenging myself. Sometimes my motivation is only vanity. I don’t want to look fat. And, because 40 is in the rearview mirror and three kids ago, I am finding it harder and harder to keep the weight off. In fact, an eating and exercise routine that had me twenty pounds lighter ten years ago is, well, not working.

Have you ever had that feeling of eating clean, like, FOREVER (okay, for a good solid week) and working out to the best of your ability only to see little, if no, confirmation on the scale (OR in your measurements, OR in how your clothes fit)? I hope not, because it sucks. At first you step back on the scale because surely it’s WRONG! And so the rapid cycle begins…Anger, despair, grief. IT’S NOT FAIR!!!! I gave up chocolate for NOTHING!! Followed by screw this, WHAT’S THE POINT!!!

Ever been there?

Me too. I don’t like it in this neighborhood. The ‘what’s the point?’ is usually followed by ‘nothing will ever change’ and ‘why do I bother’?  In case it’s not readily apparent, these are not power statements and don’t drive positive change.

Getting out of it requires two things (for me at least); Honesty and Acceptance.  Here’s how it looks.

·       I ate clean all week and then indulged with 3 pieces of Halloween candy and my weight hasn’t changed. I want to be able to eat Halloween candy and still lose weight because I think other people can and it doesn’t feel fair that I can sacrifice all week and then derail myself with something that doesn’t even taste good.

·       I have a slower than average metabolism and have to eat more restrictively than others to be at my desired weight.

·       I don’t HAVE to lose twenty pounds. I can probably maintain my current weight and still enjoy Halloween candy.

And the kicker…

·       I can certainly go on strike from exercising and healthy eating. That is completely my choice. And I certainly won’t be maintaining my current state if I do that. After all, if 3 pieces of candy offset a week of healthy eating, how bad would full-on gluttony derail me?

So really, what is the alternative? I might not like that I have to work harder than ever and may never be twenty pounds lighter again. And the reality is, I felt fat then too, so it really is an inside job at the end of the day.

So what’s the point? I guess what it always is…progress not perfection…getting healthy from the inside out…being patient with myself, and gentle…and not giving up.

Are you with me?

We ARE Limitless!

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