Mastering this will guarantee your weight loss success!

I know, I know, it sounds like more hype but there really is a ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to changing your life – whether it’s achieving weight loss, weight gain, success in your career or you name it. That scientific term for this ‘bullet’ is self-efficacy, but we can just call it belief. You see, what you believe completely and irrevocably determines your experience. Consider these beliefs:

·       Exercise is hard

·       Diets don’t work

·       Weight loss is only temporary

·       Being in shape means constant self-deprivation

·       I can’t get up early enough to attend the awesome classes at Limitless…

·       Only a few people have what it takes to get fit

·       Eating right means starving myself

·       I’m too old to work out

·       I’m too fat to work out

·       I’m too injured to work out

If you believe any or all of these things, the likelihood of embarking on a fitness or eating plan range from no to never. Why would you? Even if you don’t consciously believe these things, unconscious belief rules your experience. Our brains are not stupid and they don’t allow us to waste time and energy on things that won’t work.

And it doesn’t just hold for weight loss. If you believe you’re unlucky, or destined to be unhappy, or unemployable or unlovable or any other ‘un’ you are probably experiencing all that right now. And, ‘UN’fortunately, it’s a vicious cycle. The more you believe it, the more you experience it, the more you believe it.

So, how can you change your beliefs?

First, you have to figure out what you believe. This is a very easy two step process. First, write down what you think you believe (told you it’s easy). Second write down what you are experiencing. If there is a difference, your experience is your ‘lie-detector’.

If you ferret out some limiting or counterproductive beliefs, congratulations! The truth will set you free. Now what to do with those beliefs is another story. Some people believe in spending a lot of time and energy in figuring out why and how they got those beliefs. I personally don’t think it really matters, but that’spreference. What you really need to do is get new beliefs. Here’s how.

Do research to convince your conscious brain. Is it really true that eating healthy will make you feel hungry all the time? How can you find out? What is ‘eating healthy?’ What assumptions have you made that are incorrect? What are other peoples’ experience? Get all the facts and be rigorously honest with yourself. If your belief is that you’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work for you, get honest with yourself. Why didn’t it work? Diligent research should give you a pretty good idea of where your belief is skewed and where you have been rationalizing or lying to yourself. Big hint…if you think you eat healthy and it doesn’t work, please, please please log everything you eat for 3 days. Trust me.

Second you need to reprogram your unconscious. There are different ways to do this too. Probably the cheapest and easiest are affirmations. Don’t groan…done properly they work wonders! The thing with affirmations is they have to be believable, positive action oriented, future driven and credible. “I will stop failing” is about the worst affirmation you could do! It’s negative, it indicates a current state of failure and it’s not all that credible. “I am choosing healthy food choices and feeling better every day” is a great one! It is credible and positive. “I am lean and gorgeous” might seem like a good one, if that’s where you want to be, but if you’re 100 pounds overweight it might be stretching the credibility and your brain might reject it. “I am becoming more lean and gorgeous every day” is awesome and can be true for anyone!

So there you go – the magic bullet is your beliefs. Of course, you still need information, education and support but if you don’t believe change is possible, you’ll never seek out those things. For those of you who don’t believe that change is possible for YOU…believe that we believe…it can happen because you ARE limitless!

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