5 ways being fit helps me be a better Mom

As most people know, I had my kids later in life. I was 39 when I had Grace and 41 when I had the twins, so, I’ve had a LOT more practice working out and fitting fitness into my life than I have being a Mom. I’ve written before about my conviction that being so fit helped me have wonderfully healthy pregnancies, births and babies, but I think it goes even further than that. I think being fit helps me to be the best Mom I can be, too. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me having a baby changed my life so completely that it was kind of scary. I found myself clinging to the things that reminded me of who I was and a big one was exercise. Having the second (and third at the same time, in my case) was even more upheaval. Throughout all the insanity, here are some ways fitness helps me be a better mom.

1)    Gives me more energy than they are able to suck out of me
I don’t care how old you are, kids are exhausting, but when you’re an older parent, even more so. Because I infuse my body with oxygen and get my blood pumping every day, I have more energy. Some days ‘they’ win, yes, but not every day!

2)    Lets me run and be silly
I don’t want to be one of those parents who sits on the couch watching my kids run. When I was younger, I thought that if I didn’t have my children by the time I was 25 I’d be too old to enjoy them. Both Tony and I are able to run around and play as much as the kids do, and that’s awesome.

3)    Gives me that ‘me’ time
Me time…hahahaha…it is much farther and fewer between now than in the olden days, but if I’m ever going to get time to myself it is when I work out. Of course, we have a home gym, so it’s not a guarantee that I’ll get me time even then. Little Ben is doing everything in his power to get into places we don’t want him getting into, and Grace loves nothing more than to exercise with Mommy. Sometimes I let her but I do cherish the solitude when I can get it.

4)    Channels my stress
Our circumstances warrant quite a high degree of stress. Fortunately, our spiritual outlook and our level of fitness keeps the stress pretty much at bay. I always feel so much better after a great workout. I can’t imagine doing my life without it.

5)    Keeps me looking my best
Mind you, being over forty and having twins has lowered the bar a LOT, and I think I’ll have twin tummy forever, but it’s nice to look my personal best. It give me an extra boost of confidence and it’s nice to not have to buy new clothes after all the babies, unless I want to!

There are a lot more ways my life is better because of exercise, but I really believe it has helped me be the best mom I can be. I would love to hear about how exercise has helped YOU be a better parent!

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