Getting from ‘I know but’ to ‘I DID it’

As anyone who knows Tony and I can attest, we are a little, shall I say ‘passionate’ about the topic of exercise. We have different stories about what prompted us to seek the discipline and results that is part of a physically fit lifestyle, but we both agree that it is a cornerstone for us. When we meet someone new and tell them that our life work is helping people enjoy their lives more fully through physical fitness there are three types of responses.  The first is “I work out too…” from people who share our passion. The second, small minority says “Really? I’m ready to start working out. Can I get your info?” The third, and vast majority of people say “Cool. I know I need to work out. But…”  The ‘but’s’ are usually legit. I think one person might have said once that she couldn’t be bothered but most people have trouble waking up early, or they get sore, or it’s hard to find time, or money’s tight.  There are reasons.  And it’s everyone’s personal business if they want to invest time and money into helping their body do life better.

It’s still hard to hear the “I know I need to but”. That is such a sad sentence for me regardless what comes after the ‘but’, because I feel like the person is a lifetime away from what they KNOW they NEED to do and what they are actually doing. It’s that nasty old limiting belief again.

There are certain words or phrases that, as a coach, when I hear them I know a person is in a failure or victim mindset. I’m not saying the person is a failure or victim. I’m saying they have strong core beliefs working against them that they usually don’t even realize.  Some of these phrases are:
•    I know…but…
•    I’ll try
•    I’m deciding
•    I could
•    I would
•    But
•    If
•    I’m going to

These words indicate that your identity is tied to your current reality. People who have committed to a different reality use different words. Their language reflects their belief that the future is not the same as the current. Language of people who have accepted an alternate future consists of:
•    I am
•    I started
•    I’m in the process

You’ll notice there are more phrases for not doing than doing. There are also more people not doing than doing. But if you can get past that and get to I AM you will see change!

Goals are nothing more than creating a vision of a future that is different from the past. It starts with that picture. Imagine yourself not tired all the time, not condemning yourself to sweat pants and old maternity clothes because nothing fits, not feeling bad every night that you didn’t do anything for your fitness today. Picture a reality where every day you’re getting stronger and fitter. Every day you are infused with energy and confidence. Picture a reality where summer means you get to run and play with your kids..NOT worry about what you look like in a bathing suit! That reality starts with I AM…it never gets off the ground with “I know I need to…but”. You CAN do this because…you ARE Limitless!

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