Functional Training – More than just a buzzword

When people are trying to get fit, the different options and conflicting information from ‘experts’ can be confusing at best and downright discouraging at worst.  The food and diet industry is definitely the biggest black hole of misleading and contradictory information, but choosing what type of exercise to do is almost as bad. We know our clients have a lot of options for their fitness and we deliberated long and hard about what to provide them. To boil it down and at the risk of over-simplifying, there are several ‘basic’ formats or options people have when it comes to working out.  There’s basic strength training, cardio conditioning and functional training. All have their benefits and drawbacks and all can be used effectively in pursuit of fitness goals.

At Limitless Fitness, because our goal is to help our clients more fully enjoy their life through fitness, there is a heavy emphasis on functional training.  Functional training utilizes exercises from both strength training and cardio work outs, but combined in such a way that the ultimate goal is to increase mobility, functionality and strength. The outcome of functional training is an increased ability to perform tasks (every day or sports).

Because the majority of our clients also want to lose body fat, we additionally incorporate high intensity intervals into these workouts to increase calorie burn and after burn.  Here are the advantages to this type of workout.

1)    You will be less prone to injury during workouts
More than half of our clients start out as beginners.  Some have never had exercise as a part of their lives. Even experienced exercisers are prone to injury though, when they do the same thing repetitively, or compromise their form.  We find that varied functional workouts, under supervision, with modifications, allow for the fastest and safest progress.
2)    You will be less prone to injury outside of workouts.
Because functional training uses real life and multi-joint movements, you will be strong in every day functioning (and not just able to lift heavy things over your head, which doesn’t come in handy as much as one might think).
3)    FUNctional
There IS fun in functional!  It’s just more enjoyable to have varied workouts and to get to play with the ropes, and jump onto things.  Think playground activities, because many of the functional exercise simulate that.  So besides getting stronger and leaner, you will not feel bored.
4)    Performance
When someone performs functional training consistently, they are always improving. The great thing about this way of exercising is you can always make it harder (or easier) and so you can keep doing functional training at any age.
5)    Goal achievement
Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or lose body fat, functional training can be a great tool for getting there.  True success only comes with a combination of eating right and exercise but functional training can be a very effective tool to getting to your ideal weight and looking strong and toned.

Tony loves to talk about this stuff (and has a couple million certifications to boot) so if you have any questions, please let us know, and happy training!

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