You ARE Limitless!

As founders of Limitless Fitness, Tony and I have long had a dream for our business and lives.  The Limitless Fitness part of the dream includes a large facility where we run classes all day, an education room, accountability groups, huge childcare area, classes for pregnant clients and new mommies, scholarships, corporate partnerships and fitness at work, investing in our community, client appreciation events, outdoor events and activities, physique and bodybuilding training, and the list goes on and on.

As any marketing person will tell you, when you are building a business, you need to establish your ‘target demographic’.  Who will come to your gym and where do they live?  We’ve always known who are clients are, even before they became our clients and recently we’ve been reflecting on this.  When you become part of something like Limitless, you do become part of a community and we in turn learn your stories and you become part of our lives.  That’s the beauty of community and relationship.  So who is Limitless Fitness?

You ARE Limitless!

You are the mom who doesn’t have enough time to exercise but wants to be healthy for your kids and, let’s be honest, get back into your pre-baby clothes…at least your favorite pair of jeans.   You sometimes feel just a little guilty taking time for yourself but you know you need to to be your best you.

You are the woman who is finding out you’re stronger than you think –because you’re dealing with really hard things.  The hardest.  You’re the one who’s holding everything together even when you feel like you’re falling apart inside.  Fitness is all that’s keeping you sane right now.

You’re the man who lost his father too young and swore you’d never let yourself go that way, only life got in the way and now you’ve got so far to go it seems impossible.

You’re the woman who’s spent her life looking after people and now you avoid looking in the mirror because it tells you you’re not good enough and getting healthy is never going to happen for you.  You’ve accomplished so much in your life, and your family adores you and begs you to take care of yourself, but you’re afraid.  You’re afraid of looking foolish, you’re afraid people will laugh at you.  You’re afraid you can’t do it.

You’re the mom of a toddler who just found out you’re pregnant again and you’re thrilled and terrified.  You’ve made so many gains in your fitness and don’t want to lose ground, and you want to give your newest baby its best chance too.

You’re the person who was the athlete in school.  You love sports and you love being active, but time and age have taken their toll.  You keep telling yourself you’ll get back to it, but you just haven’t found something fun or compelling enough to keep you consistent.

You’re facing health issues, or relationship issues.  You’re facing fears and achieving dreams.  You’re not alone.  “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A. A. Milne

You ARE Limitless!!

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