More things that only workout enthusiasts “Get”

I’ve heard it said that ‘obsessed is the word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated’.  Maybe and maybe not.  I have a feeling that some of my workout behaviors may be a little more than dedicated but I also am balanced enough to know when I’m getting a little crazy and have managed not to exalt exercising to the detriment of my health or relationships so as far as addictions go, it’s pretty harmless.  However, those of us who are, shall we say, ‘dedicated’ definitely belong to a tribe that is not always understood by others, we can just call them ‘the weak’…kidding, kidding.  So, fellow tribe members…here are some things that WE truly ‘get’.
1)    Having to go to bed while it’s still light out because I’m going to work out at 4:30 am tomorrow.  It can be extremely difficult to convince my three year old it’s bedtime when ‘Mr. Golden Sun is still up’.  Last night I told her he drank too much coffee but trust me, sweetie, it’s really, really late.
2)    Dreading ‘Leg Day’ two days prior.  Leg. Day. Sucks.  Enough said.
3)    Choosing a hotel based on fitness facility.  I typically won’t stay somewhere that doesn’t have anything but woe to ye who boast of a ‘state of the art fitness facility’ that turns out to be a treadmill whose belt needed replacing last year, a limping elliptical and a really gross couple of mats.  You know who you are, large chain in Anaheim Hills who no longer gets my business.  On the other hand, if you have a nice selection of weights and a couple inflated stability balls, I am yours forever!
4)    Feeling little to no guilt about scheduling social time around workout time.  Love me, love my ‘dedication’.  If you can’t wait until I’m finished my workout (or jog, if we’re traveling) to get together with me then we are probably not particularly compatible.  If we are kindred spirits then you will be jogging with me.
5)    Owning such a radically segmented wardrobe as to suggest MPD.  I was getting a little concerned about Grace (the aforementioned three year old) and her proclivity to completely change outfits for every activity (these are my park clothes, these are my sleeping clothes, these are my house clothes) until I realized I do exactly the same thing!  I have my workout clothes, my post workout clothes and my fancy-shmancy work clothes and never the twain shall meet.

So if you are in the tribe, welcome!  It’s fun here and they say we’ll live longer too!  Win Win!

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