5 Benefits to working out that you don’t necessarily see (in the mirror)

Most of the people we see who want to start exercising are doing so primarily to change their outsides.  There is a rare person who is doing it for their health, but for most people this is a side benefit.  Most often, people just want to look better in their bathing suits.  And, whole working out will definitely do this for you, there are other benefits that you don’t always see but that are almost as awesome as looking great.  For instance:

1)    Strength is convenient
You might not notice this one right away, but it is way more convenient to be strong.  Whether you are hefting your way too stuffed carry-on over your head and into the overhead compartment before your rival…errrr…fellow traveler can, hoisting 2 or three kids out of harms way or, God forbid, helping someone move, it is always a plus to be able to lift more than five pounds without pulling a muscle or worse.

2)    Internal workings
I don’t always appreciate this one as much as I should, to be honest; especially when the scale is being particularly stubborn, but it is huge.  Tony was able to go off his cholesterol medicine completely and I have been off high blood pressure medication for years.  Doctors are always surprised by how good my numbers are and I love that!

3)    Less stress
Exercise is a proven stress buster and it works a couple ways.  First and best, a continuous habit of aerobic and anaerobic activity reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and regulate your body’s reaction to stress.  Second, if you are in the midst of a stressful situation, you can exercise and it will spot reduce your reaction to the stress.  Finally, being physically fit reduces the impact of stress on your body.  Win-win-win.

4)    More discipline
Engaging in a program of fitness builds discipline into your life, which has all kinds of benefits.  You will learn the tactic of delayed gratification, and how to work for a reward.  This has applications far beyond just weight.  Setting and achieving goals is a practice that can benefit you in every area of your life.  Discipline is an unappreciated virtue in our feel good, instant reward society, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important.

5)    Better sleep
If you are putting in some hard physical effort, you will sleep better.  This is good news.

There are additional benefits of course, but keep in mind that all your work is paying off in ways you may not always see, but will definitely appreciate.

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