5 things workout ‘enthusiasts’ think are normal

So I have an ongoing discussion with the other people who live in my head about the line between discipline, fanaticism and obsession, and where my workout behavior falls.  I usually am of the opinion that obsessed is what the lazy call the disciplined, but that is for another time.  Let’s just assume I am a little obsessed, that’s okay.  The point is, there are things that DISCIPLINED worker-outers live with that may surprise the uninitiated.  For example:

1)    What’s with those nails?
I haven’t had a manicure in many, many years.  Now, having three kids under three also does not help (Gabi and I often lament our ‘twin hands’ that result from washing bottles, oh, twenty hours a day’, but racking weights is also not conducive to French tips.  And acrylics would never survive the battling ropes.  At least not on me.

2)    While we’re on the subject of hands
Callous, anyone?  You know what I’m talking about.  How many ladies out there have snagged your nylons on YOUR OWN HANDS!!  Yes, gloves help, but you’re still going to get them.  Consider them a badge of honor but remember…once you have them, wear your gloves.  Just trust me.  Rippage hurts.

3)    Calloused toes
This was a weird one, but with all the running and jumping I do, my toes also get callouses.  Which doesn’t matter that much, since I kind of have no time for pedicures anymore so my toes must remain clothed (probably good I’m in soggy Washington now and not SoCal where open toes are a state law).

4)    Way more workout clothes than normal clothes
Go look in your closet and drawers right now. If you have a 3:1 ration of workout clothes to ‘other’, you just might be obsessed.  And yes, I DO  need more than 3 pairs of black workout pants, thank you very much.

5)    Multiple sets of running shoes
Kind of like point 4, but different.  I have pretty much one pair of nice shoes and one pair of flip flops that get me through any situation now (especially because of the close toe issue of point 3).  But workout shoes are different.  There’s my jogging shoes, my running shoes, my training shoes and the shoes that are almost worn out by I love them, so they are my wear out of the house if it’s too rainy for flip flops shoes.)

Hardly the dark underbelly of addiction, but it is a sign of the importance of fitness in my life currently.  I think everyone who has made their fitness a priority has accepted these little eccentricities as normal at some point but I do appreciate it’s a bit outside the norm.  But that’s okay…when you think about it, low blood pressure and cholesterol is also outside the norm, isn’t it?

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