Why working out with other women is so awesome

One of the most awesome things about the Limitless Fitness phenomenon is the community of support that is growing.  I see first and second hand how much our clients support each other and I love it! I especially love it because 90% of our clients are women and that’s really special to me.  Early in my adulthood and career, I found myself a lone female in a male-dominated industry.  My peers were men, my friends were mostly men and I at the time didn’t have very many female friends.  I bought into the stereotype that women were competitive, manipulative, controlling and out to steal my man.  A couple of decades and many hard knocks later, I am a diehard believer that every woman needs a strong female network.  I’m talking friends, business associates, workout partners – the whole nine yards.  What I learned is that a woman who builds up other women becomes exponentially stronger and the (actually very rare) backstabber is completely worth all the loving, strong and overall amazing support network you gain by trusting and being trustworthy to other women.  I love that the crew at Limitless Fitness  lives this out. The old me would never have dreamed of attending workout classes but the old me missed out on a lot.  Here are the top 5 myths debunked about women who work out.

1)    Other women will judge me
I think perfectionists tend to worry about this more than the general population because we are always judging ourselves and the rest of the world so harshly but what I have found, and especially in our workout group, is people are not judging you.  Everyone is there for the same reason and they want to help and support each other.

2)     Everyone will be skinnier than me
Well that’s probably not true, but even if it is, so what?  First off, we are all here to get stronger and healthier so if you do have some pounds to lose, there is no better place to be.  I personally had a very surreal experience with this phenomenon when I was in a small group and there were several women there who had the kind of body I wanted.  I soon learned that to a person each one was either recovering from an eating disorder or a heroin addiction.  Seriously.  It was a wakeup call to me to adjust my body image expectations big time!

3)     Everyone else knows how to do it and I won’t
Sigh…another symptom of perfectionism is the unreasonable belief that I should know how to do things I’ve never done before.  This has kept me from many a workout class however once I realize that’s just dumb and nobody expects me to know how to do things I can’t do I realize how very

4)    I won’t be the best
This is possibly true.  We have some amazing athletes and some amazing beginners at our place.  I follow along with all the workouts at home and tell myself that I’m keeping up, but the reality is it’s only a competition with myself.  I think we women especially have to get comfortable celebrating each other’s victories with open hands and hearts.  An outlook of abundance says there’s enough success for everyone and I try to bring that everywhere – especially the gym.

5)    I’m different
Well yes.  In my child bearing years I was working and partying and in my approaching retirement years I’m child bearing and entrepreneuring.  Plus I’m shy, and a little weird.  But, with age comes the realization that everyone is a little weird and I can see similarities now instead of differences and actually celebrate differences.  And even when I encounter others who might not quite be there, it’s okay.  But the really, REALLY cool thing about our group at Limitless is that differences are celebrated.  We have people from all walks of life and all different situations with a common bond that has transcended just exercising.  Love it.

So if you’re a little leery about joining a workout group, or hanging out with a bunch of women you don’t know, I would say I totally understand, but give it a shot anyway!

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