5 Reasons why we opened a gym (the gratitude post)

Recently, we got to participate in the incredible experience of shooting a promotional video for Limitless Fitness.  Well, by ‘we’ I mean Tony and some of our clients.  The only downside for me in the whole process was that the crew couldn’t come out on a regular workout day and film everyone because each of our clients is awesome and an incredible success story.  But several of our clients did agree to give up a big chunk of their Sunday to be interviewed, photographed and videoed.  Both Tony and I were blown away by what we’ve seen so far.  He never cries, but I got choked up to see and hear the stories and to have tangible evidence of our dream coming true.  So that inspired this piece on the top 5 reasons we gave up reasonably successful careers in other fields to move to a brand new state, in a location where we knew absolutely no one, to launch a start-up gym. 

1)      To change people’s lives

Both Tony and I have had our lives changed through various external and internal cataclysms and we are passionate advocates for people to rise above adversity and follow their dreams.  It’s why I became a coach and writer and why Tony trains people.  We both believe people can only enjoy life to the fullest possible extent if they have taken control of their fitness.  It’s not about just liking to work out (although we both do. A lot).  It’s about so much more.

2)      Because life’s too short to settle

Both Tony and I are hard-working and reasonably intelligent enough to do just fine in corporate jobs but when you have a passion that is outside the box once you become aware of that passion it becomes more and more uncomfortable to ignore it.  Once a dream makes itself known you have a choice to chase it or walk away from it.  We knew we wanted to do this and just had to decide if the pain of not trying was going to be better or worse than the pain of launching a start-up with all it’s fears, failures and false starts.

3)      Because we don’t believe in retirement

I think my generation is the first one to enter retirement years with no financial security.  We saw many of our parents’ lose everything in bubble bursting stock crashes and we also saw our grandparents wither on the vine after achieving the goal of ‘retirement’.  For Tony and I, retirement means having the discretion to work on selected projects at selected times and we have no expectation that social security will exist to support this. Limitless Fitness is the launching pad of a really big, really cool master plan that, when it unfolds will bless and empower many, many people.

4)      Because a good gym is hard to find

Tony and I have each been working out for as long as some of clients have been alive!  We have seen fitness trends come and go and we have seen a lot of bad gyms and a few very good ones.  We know what we don’t want as much as what we do, which is a place we’d not only go to work out, but that would hang out as well.  Tony’s workouts have changed my whole concept of working out and I know I’m not alone.  He’s really, really good at what he does and it’s exciting to share it.

5)      Because we have the best clients in the world!

Granted, that is not WHY we opened the gym, because we didn’t know any of the amazing people who work out with us then, but it is definitely why we keep doing it even when we get discouraged and why we think we have the best jobs in the world.  I so admire all the people who show up so early in the morning and try things they think are going to be too hard and come back when they’re sore.  The more I get to know each person, the more I admire them and Tony feels the same.  Our clients ARE Limitless fitness and we love you guys!  Thanks for helping make our dreams come true!

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