Top 5 things people (like me) complain about to their trainers

I once had a trainer tell me I was his most difficult client.  Now, that trainer was also my husband, so I’m pretty sure he would have been a lot more patient with a ‘real’ client, but I will concede that I might tend to exhibit some (okay ALL) of the traits that trainers tend to encounter as they help people achieve their fitness goals.  It’s pretty funny how easy this is to identify in others and yet remain stubbornly insistent that my case is different. I can actually laugh now when I hear people telling Tony things that I used to, and his patient responses (compared to what he says to me, which is ‘I’m the trainer, just do what I say!’).  It basically comes down to one thing:  We want to lose the weight and gain the muscle without being uncomfortable.   So with two opposing needs, guess who is often caught in the middle?  Hahahaha..that’s right!  Your trainer!  And sadly, my well thought out arguments (okay, temper tantrums) have not been able to change physics.  But that doesn’t stop us from trying!  So here are the top 5 things people tell their trainers

1)    I’m following the plan and not losing weight!
So you’ve been working out for a few weeks, or a month, and you’ve been following your meal plan and you actually feel GREAT!! Until it’s weigh in time and you see the scale has only moved half a pound.  Or NOT AT ALL!!!  Instantly, rage and despair washes over you and you want to punch your trainer right in his excessive calorie burning face (wait, that part might be just me).  Before you decide to storm out and go eat ten donuts, make sure you’ve gotten your measurements taken too.  It’s almost ALWAYS the case (especially in our workouts) that you lost a ton of inches.  Your trainer will tell you not to go by the scale, go by how your clothes fit.

2)    I’m not following the plan and not losing weight!
I’m not losing weight or inches and I’m working out every day, you say accusingly at your trainer.  He stares back.  Are you still eating Grace’s Halloween candy at night after you think everyone’s asleep?  Shut up! Just a couple pieces.  That can’t be it.  It’s amazing how we discount the nips and snacks and also how much they really do derail our progress.

3)    I’m not feeling anything!
This one probably gets me yelled at the most.  If I am told to do an exercise and it doesn’t feel how I think it should, I tend to immediately discount it and argue about it’s effectiveness.  I wish I’d stop doing this. I’m not the one who has spent countless hours research and studying kinesiology, fitness and all that stuff.  You’d think I’d remember that sometimes I don’t feel something until two days later.

4)    I can’t do this, it hurts!
I can’t do plank ups, it makes my wrists feel like they’re going to break.  I can’t do planks, it hurts my back, I can’t do lunges….Sometimes I just want to slap me!  Of course it hurts, the muscles are weak!!  Funny fact, but you don’t get stronger doing things that are easy.  Hmmm…

5)    I don’t want to bulk up!
Well to my credit I don’t say this anymore, but I used to.  For some reason, we estrogen-producers seem to have an unnatural fear that picking up a handweight will instantly transform us into Popeye after eating spinach.  Two things on this:  We’re most of us not built to pack on that much muscle anyway and hello, strong is the new sexy.  Bulk away, you’ll only burn more calories and look way better in your bathing suit (or out of it).

So those are the things personal trainers hear all the time.  I have learned to not say them (out loud) and the truth is that most of the time if you do the work, and eat right, you will look and feel the absolute best for your body.

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