5 Benefits of Competitive Body Building Techniques for People with NO Desire to be Professional Bodybuilders

For those who are not aware, we have recently entered a new phase of fitness, both personally and through Limitless Fitness; that of competitive bodybuilding.  Tony and Megan are both working with Coach Marlina Velasco from Physiques Northwest to develop their bodies and to learn posing and competing techniques.  This has been an incredible endeavor and even as a bystander I have learned a lot.  When Tony first decided to do this, it made sense to me.  He’s worked very hard on his eating and training and is in fantastic shape.  But to me, Tony is on a different fitness plain than most people. This was never something I considered a remote possibility for me based on my catalog of perceived physical flaws as well as a ridiculously slow metabolism.  I imagine most people are more like me than Tony in the sense that bodybuilding seems like some extreme endeavor that is just not for them.  I am here to tell you that this may not be the case.  If you have no desire to ever don a bathing suit and subject your body to scrutiny by others, you probably won’t actually become a competitive body builder.  However, if you train and eat like one, you will reap the benefits without the whole bathing suit/stranger thing.  Furthermore, I think the process itself is extremely important to get past the whole ‘I’m not good enough to ever do this’ mentality, which at the end of the day equals being LIMITLESS.  Here are some of the benefits I see from bodybuilding training:

1.    You get objective about your body
You WILL get scrutinized and evaluated.  You will get pictures taken of your butt in a bathing suit for others to analyze.  People will talk about your triceps waddle.  And you will realize that your body is a body and not your soul.  You can have excess fat on your glutes and guess what?  It’s just excess fat on your glutes.  It is not an indication of your failure as a human being.  This is good news for many.

2.    You will learn how to use food
Food is fuel will become true as never before.  You will study your food intake, break it down and learn how your body responds to everything.  You will learn how your body responds to time of day, combination and specific foods.  It will become a formula for you so that if you need to put on muscle, or take off fat,  you will know exactly what to do.

3.    You will learn discipline
You will have to train when you’re tired, eat when you’re not hungry, and pass on treats.  This will suck and you will build character, stamina and will see results that will make you glad you did it.  Discipline in one area always spills into other areas, so that’s good too.

4.    You will go to the next level
You will find that you are pushing yourself harder physically than you ever have before.  You will soon be doing things you never thought you could do.

5.    You will develop camaraderie and accountability
I don’t see how anyone could do this bodybuilding thing alone.  Physiques Northwest has an incredible support group and I’ve seen how people are helping Tony and Megan.  I’ve also seen Tony, Megan and Kim work together.  They hold each other accountable for their diet and encourage each other.  This is important when spouses insist on making chocolate chip cookies (sorry Tony…).

So if you think you’re too ‘fluffy’ or too undisciplined to try professional bodybuilding, maybe try training like that’s not true and see what happens. Here’s what Tony and Megan have to say:

Megan:  The pictures help.  I didn’t think I’d made much progress, but seeing the progression really helped. It’s also great that we’re all on My Fitness Pal and look at each other’s food.  It sucked when I had to log a pop tart!

Tony; We are our biggest critics, but the support group really helps.  I can’t see progress, but having people who know what they’re talking about notice progress is really motivating.

If you’re intrigued now, Tony will be glad to talk to you about this in more detail!

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