5 things you enjoy more when you are fit (and one that’s not on the list)

If you are embarking on a fitness plan, then congratulations!  There are many benefits to being fit, as you probably already know.  I don’t know if I’m in the minority or not, but when I started exercising it was for two reasons.  First, I had quit smoking and needed something to distract me (this was more than ten years ago) and second I wanted to lose weight.  That was it.  Not the most compelling of reasons and at times not enough to keep me motivated.  Fortunately, I have found additional reasons to stay fit.  Here are some things that are much more enjoyable if you are fit.

1)     Flying
If you have ever flown on an airplane, you are aware that the seats are not exactly accommodating to the full figured.  I have flown on an airplane as an overweight person and as a normal weight person and hands down, it’s better without the extra pounds.  It’s awkward when your thighs smoosh into your neighbor and worse when the seatbelt squishes you.  If you’re really out of shape, it’s also no fun to jog through the airport trying to catch a connection.

2.    Vacations
If you’re like my family, fitness is part of our vacations.  We don’t go places that don’t allow us to maintain our work out routines.  That’s a bit extreme, I know.  However, even if exercising every day isn’t your idea of a dream getaway, there are still things that are more fun when you’re fit.  Hiking down Haleakala, ziplining, nature walks, and going to the beach are all easier and more fun when you’re fit.

3.     Shopping for clothes
Only people who have ever been seriously overweight understand that trauma of clothes shopping.  It just sucks when you can’t find a cute style in your size, or when nothing looks good.  Bathing suits are not even an option when you feel like this and even jeans shopping can make you want to hide in a closet for a week.  When you’re at your healthy weight you might not be a size 2, but chances are much better that you can easily find sizes and styles that flatter you, and that’s a good feeling.

4.     Playing with kids
Kids never stop.  Sometimes they run and jump up and down just for fun.  If you are trying to keep up with them, you need to be in shape or they will wear you out in seven minutes flat.  It’s a lot more enjoyable to run and play with your kids than to try to convince a rambunctious three year old that it’s fun to sit down and read ALL DAY.  They will not buy it.

5.     Going to the doctor
I never liked going to the doctor when I was overweight.  Sometimes it seemed like no matter what was wrong with me they’d tell me to lose weight, but realistically I did have a lot of problems directly related to my poor lifestyle.  Now when I go, I never have to worry about what my blood pressure or cholesterol is going to be.  True, I weigh more than I look like I weigh so I don’t always get positive feedback on the scale, but when all the other numbers come in, the docs love me.  What a nice change.

So there are a lot of side benefits to a healthy lifestyle besides looking good naked, which happens to be a major part of number 6.  Enough said.

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