5 things you can do to get “Gym Ready”

We will be providing seminars on getting gym ready for the next several weeks.  Please visit our website…www.limitlessfitnesswa.com or email tony@limitlessfitnesswa.com for dates and times.

Why is it that when we are in a rut, or need help, we tend to want to avoid the things that can help us until we don’t need help?  For example, how many people clean their houses before the cleaning lady comes?  Or do your hair before going to the stylist? Or, and this is most common, try to get in shape yourself before going to the gym or to a trainer?  For some reason, out of shape people avoid the gym like my toddler avoids the potty!  If you insist on getting yourself in shape before going to the gym here are some things you can do.

1)    Walk then run around your neighborhood for cardio
Don’t fool yourself that your leisurely stroll from your car to your house is cardio, but if you’re very out of shape, walking is the appropriate starting point.  The point of cardio vascular fitness is to get your heart pumping at a faster rate, but if getting out of your chair does this, you should not start your new life with a 5K run.  In all things, push yourself a LITTLE more than is comfortable and try to do a little more every time.  So maybe a walk around the block is where you start, but tomorrow, try to walk the same distance faster, or do more in the same amount of time.  You get the idea.
2)    Do pushups
Bodyweight exercises are awesome for getting you in shape and even the most fit athletes still swear by the ‘basics’.  Pushups are amazing for your chest, triceps and core.  Before you start on your knees, try to do them properly.  You can google videos or access our library on Vimeo for the specific mechanics but once you know how to perform a pushup or modified pushup, work on doing more each time.  Always be improving!
3)    Do situps
Super basic, yes.  Effective, also yes.  No, you won’t get a six pack by doing situps if you’re fifty pounds overweight, but you will strengthen your core and build a foundation of muscle, just waiting for the fat to melt to be seen!
4)    Do planks
Of course you hate them.  Everyone hates them.  If you don’t hate planks, you probably aren’t doing them right.  The feel like they’re injuring you and that your shoulders and back are on fire and they basically suck and that’s after 10 seconds.  And they are awesome for building a strong core and the more you do them the less they suck.  I credit planks for holding a 6 and 7 pound baby in my tummy (at the SAME TIME) for 38 weeks with no lower back pain.
5)    Think about hiring a personal trainer to show you some things
If you’re really nervous about hitting the gym on your own there are many personal trainers out there who will help you get started.  (Tony at Limitless Fitness being the best, but there are other good ones as well).

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