5 Good reasons to find a new gym

Not all gyms are created equal.  Sometimes there is not a good match and sometimes you just have a bad gym.  Here are some good reasons to find a new one:

1)    The equipment is broken or damaged
Yes, it’s a gym and the whole point of the equipment is to get used.  It’s okay if it’s not perfectly new or shiny but there is a line between not so nice looking and dangerous and/or you’re just not getting your money’s worth.  If you go to a big box gym, part of the advantage is there are usually machines there that you’re just not going to stock your home gym with.  If those exact machines are never working, maybe spend your membership money on some kettle bells and resistance bands for your home gym.

2)    The staff is not knowledgeable
This may not be a big deal to you.  It really depends on how much you already know and why you are going to the gym.  If you are a seasoned gym rat who would prefer to be left alone (ahem, see last post) you will likely interact very little with the staff. However, if you are just getting started you absolutely need guidance on what you should be doing and how.  And if you picked your gym because the membership rates were affordable, but they want to charge thousands to actually tell you what you should be doing, maybe you need to look elsewhere.

3)    You are not getting good value for your money
Gyms are like anything.  It’s not about cost, it’s about value.  Presumably, joining a gym is something you are doing to support achieving a particular goal.  For some it’s a short term goal like losing weight for a certain occasion.  Other people want to improve their health or some similar long term goal.  The gym that best helps you achieve your goals for the most reasonable price is the best value.  So really assess how well your gym does this.  If it’s just a place that you drive by and feel guilty about not entering, you are NOT getting good value.

4)    It is not clean
Yuck.  Please move on.

5)    You are not excited to go there
The best fitness routine is the one you do, and the best gym is the one that you are excited to go to.  This may not be the same one as Joan in accounting or Harold your neighbor.  Luckily, there are as many different gyms as there are people, so you have a lot of options.  Shop around and find a place that matches your goals, fitness, preferences and personality.  And happy hunting!

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