5 Great things about exercise classes (that I never knew)

I avoided exercise classes for a long time because I thought it would be like gym class back in junior high, where everyone knew how to do something but me and I’d be picked last for everything.  I figured it would either be way too hard, or way too easy.  I was very pleasantly surprised the first time I tried a boot camp class.  Not only was it challenging enough with modifications, the other folks in the class were supportive and helpful.   Here are the things I liked best:
1)    The instructor made sure to keep an eye on everyone
When I went to my exercise class (and full disclosure it was one of Tony’s classes) I was really impressed that the instructor made sure everyone had proper form and took the time to help anyone who was struggling.  Now, I know this might not be the case for every class, but it was my experienced.
2)    There was a sense of camaraderie
Face it, when you get up at the crack of dawn to let someone physically torture your body, you are going to start to identify with your fellow sufferers.  I think it’s actually a syndrome or something.  And you also get mutual respect and a group of folks with some common interests cheering you on.
3)    I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to do for my workout
Have you ever not gone to the gym just because you couldn’t bear the thought of another mind-numbingly boring session on the recumbent bike or treadmill?  Or actually get to the gym only to be paralyzed with all your options?  The great thing about classes (again, if they’re the right classes) is that they are always different.  Not only is this more motivating and fun, it is also better for your body.  If you always do what you know, you wills top getting better.  There are people who go to the gym every day and do the same workout (sometimes for hours) and aren’t getting better!  It’s not fair, but it’s science.  Classes avoid this.
4)    It was not boring
Even when I’m doing something yucky, like burpees with renegade rows and a hurdle jump, I have to admit it’s not boring.
5)    I got a kick butt workout!
I used my calorie tracker to test this and burned about 40% more calories – consistently – in a class than I did on my own.  And I am not a lazy person.  I do try to push myself when I work out, but there is something about something there motivating you that just makes a difference.

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