5 Things I used to hate about big box gyms (OK 6)

It’s been a long time since I worked out at an actual big box gym, so things may have changed, but just for fun I thought I’d share some pet peeves.  Shameless plug, this is why I love Virtual Training or Limitless Fitness Classes.  NONE of these things EVER happen to me anymore!!

1)    Weights not re-racked properly
Argh!  Now, I don’t usually like to share at all, but I do understand it’s necessary in a gym, but when people don’t put the weights away it’s just plain rude.  I remember wandering all over the gym only to find a twenty pound dumbbell over by the leg abductor machine. Why?  You can’t use it there.  Frustrating!

2)    People sitting on a machine, talking on the phone or to each other, but not actually using the machine
Yes, I know…fine line between observing and judging.  I’m okay with leaping right over into judging on this one.  There are ten million places to go and talk to your friends, people, but you go to a gym to exercise.  If you want to go to a gym and talk, fine.  I promise I will not judge, just please, please don’t monopolize the machines while you do this.  It’s not cool.

3)    Members of the opposite sex thinking I am there to be ogled by them or dated by them.
I am pretty good at generating a ‘don’t talk to me vibe’ but there are always the persistent (or clueless) people who choose to ignore it and decide to strike up a conversation.  Now, I did notice of the small group of die hards who were at the gym with me at four am back in the day, that they did in fact seem to end up dating one another, and then undating and then dating still others so I guess it happens, but the way I look at it is, if I’m not doing ALL of these – wearing makeup, smiling at you, not walking away from you-  then I am not interested and you should leave me alone.

4)    People not wiping up their sweat
That’s just gross.

5)    Grunt and groaners
People differ on this.  I do understand if you are really giving it your all you might make noise.  I don’t like it, but I get it.  But some people (we’ve all seen them) seem to make an exorbitant amount of noise.  “GRRR…….UNNHHHH……GARRRRRRR” and I have to wonder if they just maybe need a hug.  Especially if I see them re-racking a 10 pounder (I know, at least they’re re-racking).

6)    People who don’t work at the gym offering me unsolicited advice
Often but not always related to number 3.  Some people see it as a ‘hook’ to start a conversation.  I don’t know why you would think criticizing my form will make me want to talk to you; it makes me want to punch you.  Some people just feel compelled to offer unsolicited advice because they are so awesome.  My advice?  If I’m not paying you, do not tell me what to do.  Ever.

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