5 True Excuses (and why they don’t matter)

Call them excuses, call them reasons, the truth is that there are probably some legitimate obstacles standing between you and your resolution to eat healthier and exercise more.  Unfortunately, the legitimacy of the excuse for not exercising does not bring back the health benefits you are losing.
1)    Not enough time
This is true.  There is not enough time in the day for everything we have to do, let alone what we’d like to do.  But there are things you can do to make your workout more efficient.  Back in my kid free days, I would get up very early and go to a big box gym, where I’d work out for an hour and a half every day, then drive home, shower etc.  So the whole workout experience took anywhere from two to two and a half hours.  Now, three kids later there is now way that could ever happen.  I only set foot in a big box gym if I’m traveling and there is no other option and the way I work out now, I would drop dead if I did it for two hours.  Thanks to incorporating functional fusion and high intensity intervals into my routine, I burn as many calories in about 45 minutes now as I used to in twice as long.
2)    Kids
Yes, they are little tiny workout killers.  I don’t know which is worse….the newborns who start crying the second I think about exercising or the two year old who wants nothing more than to join me (you should see her attempting yoga..it’s hysterical).  I made the decision after the first baby to invest in the basic home gym equipment and have my resident trainer provide me workouts  every day (Virtual Training, basically) and have never looked back.  I still have to get up early, but I don’t have to go anywhere and it just works, for me.
3)    Too tired
This happens a lot.  If not all three of my littles get a good night’s sleep then I don’t get a good night’s sleep.  If you feel you’re so tired you are risking injury, or can’t give it a good effort, then you need to take a rest day.  Similarly, you don’t want to over train, so you need to take a couple rest days a week anyway.  Barring that, all I can say is go to bed earlier.  It’s worth it.
4)    Too fat
This is more common that you might think.  Besides the social anxiety about working out with your less than perfect body (which is silly…get over it! ) the reality is that if you are carrying some or a lot of extra weight, some things are just uncomfortable! When I was given the green light after my second C-section (twins) to exercise more vigorously, I was appalled at how much it HURT to jump rope with all these jiggly areas that never used to jiggle.  High intensity might need to be something you work up to, but don’t let extra weight take you out completely.
5)    Injuries
Again, this is a fine line.  It would be foolish to re-injure yourself in attempt to get healthier, but many times after an injury occurs, lack of activity can exacerbate things.  The best thing you can do is strengthen surrounding muscles and keep your cardio vascular health intact so that you don’t suffer even worse effects.  Work with your health professional and a good trainer to tailor a program that will work for you.

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