5 Healthful Habits

A healthy way of life is about more than just fitting into smaller jeans or bypassing the potato chips.  The whole ‘why’ behind a healthy lifestyle is to feel good! Below are five great things you can do to more fully enjoy your life:

1)    Declutter
What does this have to do with a healthy way of life?  You’d be surprised! A cluttered living space is not only not a serene space; it is also a breeding ground of excuses not to exercise!  Get in the habit of putting things away as you use them.  Not only will you save time because you’ll know where things are, you will also not have to spend your entire day off cleaning and you won’t have to postpone a workout to tidy your house if company is coming.

2)    Quiet time each day
This is an important part of an enjoyable lifestyle.  Many people feel like they need ‘background noise’ in order to relax.  If that’s you, this might actually feel a bit weird at first so you might want to start slowly.  Give yourself 30 (or 15, or even 10) minutes with no noise.  This means no radio, computer or television, or other people talking.  Just spend the time reflecting, being quiet or being in gratitude.  If you are the praying type, use this time for prayer  You will feel much more centered and grounded.

3)    Watch less TV
Everyone knows this.  Just try it.  What are you really missing?  Try reading, conversation or otherwise connecting with real people.

4)    Honor your workout time
What does this mean? We posted about this here *LINK* but it bears repeating.  Pick a time that works for you and set it aside and let nothing except the most dire emergencies keep you from your workout.  Yes, some might call you obsessed, but we trust you to self-regulate here and make sure your workout time is not excessive, or causing pain to yourself or others (beyond sore muscles that is).  Essentially, you don’t find time to exercise, you make it.

5)    Commit to other ways of rewarding yourself besides food
When I first committed to a clean diet with a minimum of processed, fried or sugary foods there were people in my life who did not support me.  They talked about how I was depriving myself and even suggested I wouldn’t enjoy my life as much without regular consumption of these foods.  Now, I am not a person who does moderation easily so for me it is far easier to abstain from sugar than to try to do it in moderation but even then, there will be times for indulgence.  However, if your main comfort and pleasure involves eating or binge eating junk food, you may want to consider this and treat it as an addiction.  There are plenty of other ways to reward yourself than ingesting toxins…sounds harsh? Just sayin’.

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