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We are a locally-owned business offering group fitness classes, personal training and virtual training to help people of all shapes and sizes achieve their optimal level of fitness.

Limitless Fitness is your partner for achieving limitless goals because we care about our clients and improving their lives through physical fitness!

A-list winner

Best Bootcamp 2017 Winner

Corporate Fitness

Make fitness fun with company competitions. We can do this all, or work with your HR team to develop fun fitness challenges or train your team for big events like hikes or other major challenges.

We’ll come out to train your teams on exercise basics, workouts for when you’re traveling, meal prep made easy, or any other health or fitness related topic

Why go to the gym when the gym can come to you? Multi-certified instructors come to your site to lead employees in functional fitness classes accessible for every level of fitness

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Class Schedule


Upper Body Scultping

5am 6am 4pm 5pm


Full Body Blast

5am 6am 4pm 5pm


Lower Body / Booty Shape

5am 6am 4pm 5pm



5am 6am 4pm 5pm


Core Meltdown

5am 6am 4pm 5pm


Weekend Warrior Full Body