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Limitless Fitness LLC empowers you to take control of  your fitness and more fully enjoy your life by providing fun and dynamic high intensity fusion classes featuring trainers and classes that allow you to achieve limitless results!

Never boring!

Always challenging!

Intentionally NOT intimidating for those new to fitness!

Email tony@limitlessfitnesswa.com

or phone (425) 686-4882

Limitless Fitness for Limitless Results

If you're like most people, you want (or need) to get fit, but have a hard time putting it into practice.  You may be intimidated by gyms or do not know what to do there.  Sometimes you're just bored with what you're currently doing for a workout, or you've hit a plateau.  The environment of the fitness facility you choose will be the most important thing.  You want a good workout but you also want to feel comfortable and supported with sessions that are convenient for your hectic lifestyles.

Our Solution: We take the thinking out of it for you...you just need to show up!!

We carefully plan our workouts every day for each fitness level so that you will be challenged and able to grow.  You will have the benefit of a world class fitness trainer with the camaraderie and affordability of a group setting. 

High Intensity "Fusion" Training

With group fitness, flexibility, strength training and even MMA Conditioning certifications, we are able to incorporate all of this into very dynamic and exciting workouts.  You'll be using a variety of equipment as well as body weight incorporated into high intensity circuits that will give you a maximum burn efficiently.  Don't know what any of that means? Don't worry - it means you'll stretch, and sweat and get strong and lean.  And have fun doing it!

Mon - Friday 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 7:30 am

Saturday 7:00 am

Call NOW... (425) 686-4882


We are located in the Dance Elite facility in Lynnwood

Limitless Fitness for Limitless Results

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Empowering YOU to take control of your fitness

1211 164th St SW, Lynnwood WA, 98087  (Dance Elite Building)

Phone: (425) 686-4882
Email: tony@limitlessfitnesswa.com

Corporate Wellness Programs serving:
Mill Creek, Bothell, Everett, Lynnwood, Kirkland, Kenmore, Monroe, Woodinville, Redmond, Seattle